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Rome Supermatch

Rome Supermatch from Nailed It Games is a slot game that revolves around the ancient Roman theme. The symbols and graphics of the slot game reflect the culture, architecture, and history of the Roman Empire. 

The slot reel of the game is placed against the background of the Roman palace gate. On either side of the reel are two statues that could resemble any of the historic figures in Roman history. On the left side of the reel, we see a guard standing armoured. Players can enjoy the game at Vegas Mobile Casino. 


The low-paying symbols of the slot Rome Spermatch are the deck card symbols are jack, queen, king, and ace. Both the low and high paying symbols can reward a payout when 3 to 25+ of them appear on the slot reel. 

The ace and king symbols can give a maximum payout of 400 euros if there are more than 25 of them on the reel board, and they promise a minimum payout of 1.5 for just three of them on the payline. 

The queen and jack symbols can give a maximum payout of 300 euros for more than 25 such symbols and a minimum payout of 1 euro for three of them on the payline. The high-paying symbols include various historical figures from Roman history. 

The soldier wearing the helmet and the courtman symbol can give a maximum payout of 600 euros for more than 25 matching symbols and a minimum payout of 2 euros for three of them on the payline. 

The emperor and queen sculptors can pay a maximum payout of 2000 euros for more than 25 matching such symbols and a minimum payout of 4 euros for just three of them on the payline. 


The Rome Supermatch has features like wilds, multipliers, second chance bonus, supermatch, mega respin, and feature buys. 

The wild symbol of the slot game is the Roman numeral X, which can appear on reels 2 to 8. The Wild also has a multiplier feature. This symbol can substitute for matching symbols and increase the multiplier by 1. The multiplier value is added to the total win at the end of the spin. 

The supermatch feature lets players unlock three matching symbols from the first row to unlock the next row. At least one matching symbol in rows 2 to 7 can unlock the next row. If a player manages to match more than 25 matching symbols, it can reward them with the highest payout. 

The spreading wild feature is unlocked by the eagle symbol; it can substitute for the matching symbols and covers the whole reel with wilds. They can appear on rows 2 to 8 and don't substitute for multiplier wilds. 

If players manage to uncover a matching symbol on the fourth row, the Second Chance Bonus can be triggered. This feature automatically re-spins one row that didn’t reveal any matching symbols. 

If a player can uncover matching symbols on row 8, the Mega Respin feature can be triggered. The matching symbols will become sticky during this feature, and the other symbols will re-spin to increase the chances of winning. 


The Rome Supermatch slot game has a 96% RTP rate and high volatility. The game has a 5x8 reel format. The maximum win in the slot game is capped at 5000 times the bet amount. The minimum bet in the game starts at 0.2 and can be extended to a maximum of 100 per spin. 

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