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Hybrid games are at the peak of popularity at the moment, and following the trend, Tom Horn Gaming has decided that this is the best time to bring out the Spinball slot game. Featuring the most popular of arcade games, this is where Pinball meets the slots format. Compatible with computers as well as mobile devices this latest slots game is currently available online at Vegas Mobile Casino for interested players.

Basic game features 

The most attractive aspect of the Spinball slot is its uniqueness. Though it retains the central aspects of an online video slots game, the whole design is completely different. And since it is based on the popular arcade game pinball, there is this aspect of nostalgia added to the mix. 

As mentioned earlier, the whole design of the game is very different; there are no spinning reels, symbols, special symbols or special features in this game. It has the pinball machine where players have to launch the ball and when it hits different areas of the machine, the player is awarded different payouts. The central aim of the game is to keep the ball from falling down and this can be done through the two paddles at the bottom. 

But just like any other slots game, Spinball slot also comes with great visuals, great graphics and impressive background music. The music is very reminiscent of the original pinball machine, which was one of the most popular arcade games. The way this game is played is also largely based on how the original game was played. Hence, in a way, this is the modern take on an all-time classic! 

Special Features 

This unique slot game comes with two special features – the bouncers and the booster. The bouncers are available in the upper centre of the machine while the booster is available at the left of the machine; both of these special features ensure that the wins are maximized. 

Bonus feature

Though the slots game is unique in every aspect, it still has the most important bonus feature everyone wants with slots – the free spins. When the pinball enters the path of the free spin at the top left, players are awarded 5 free spins. 


Thus, the Spinball slot is a unique take on the concept of slots, and the popular arcade games favourite pinball game, which makes it a lot more exciting than the original and an interesting albeit different slot game.

Note: The game doesn’t come with any conventional aspects of slots like reels, rows, symbols, special features etc. Hence there is no information about the layout and no introduction to symbols. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur