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Tales of Asgard: Freya’s Wedding

Tales of Asgard: Freya's Wedding is a huge slot game while comparing with other slots. Since this is a Norse wonderland, everything has a double potential to spin as well as to win. The narrative itself is pretty high and thick. Ever heard of thick narrative? That’s it. So, take your time and spin the game to win Freya’s Wedding. 

About the Game

Tales of Asgard: Freya's Wedding is a totally new, Norse themed slot game with a lot of features and layout specs. The game has this masculine structure right from the main menu and you see all the very popular Norse symbols and icons like Loki and Thor. The colors are cloudy and blue in tone and there is a huge array of animations and graphics supporting the game. If you can, take some time to spin the game. Only then you will get to know the power of the slot. 

Symbols and Icons of Tales of Asgard: Freya's Wedding

Rune stones are the main symbols here. There are a total of 4 stones. They are green, purple, blue and red. Then comes the beer, fish and steak symbols. Then there are these higher paying symbols of Loki, Thrym, and Odin. Here, the odin symbol will be the most triggering one among all. Thor and Freya will be in the wild. And ofcourse, scatters are also there. Just mind the wilds and scatters and you will get a fairly decent reward flow. These are the symbols and believe me, it’s such a huge array of symbols for such a mighty game. 

Features and Bonuses 

There are three bonus features here in Tales of Asgard: Freya's Wedding. Here comes the Freya feature which is a random spin one. Then there are these free spins that can be triggered by the scatters and the famous respin feature. There are multipliers too. 


Tales of Asgard: Freya's Wedding is a pure slot when it comes to Norse slot roll. There is nothing to nag here. Everything is at its place and spinning it is fairly simple. So, give your best here in the game of Tales of Asgard: Freya's Wedding. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur