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Tetris Extreme MegaDrop

Developed by Red7 and SG digital, Tetris Extreme MegaDrop comes with the original Tetris as the theme.  It is a feature-rich slot game that comes with multipliers and free spins.

The Tetris Extreme MegaDrop slot features an attractive background with neon-lighted grids and a great soundtrack. Rather than symbols, we get the Tetris blocks but unlike the original, we cannot manipulate them. There are 7 coloured squares on a 7-reel, 10-row grid.

As it is obvious from the theme that there are no paylines or symbol combinations. Instead, we have the cluster pay concept where 9 or more same coloured symbols adjacent to each other form wins. In case there are whole lines of the same symbol they are removed from the board.

Special features

In case you manage to land full lines, they are removed while also triggering the Line Clear Multiplier meter on the left. As each level increases, multipliers are awarded, which increases progressively up to a maximum of 50x.

Free spins

If you manage to clear 15 or more lines in one spin, then you get 10 Free Spins. The free spin has one extra feature – The Gold Tetromino. One golden block can fall at any time during a free spin. If it is used to clear a line, the payout is multiplied by 5. However, the multiplier also gets reset after the end of the spin.

Mega drop bonus feature

The Tetris Extreme MegaDrop consists of 3 Progressive Jackpots: Minor, Major, and Epic. The higher your stake, the more the chance that can reach the jackpot faster.


Tetris Extreme MegaDrop is built upon the popular and nostalgic video game - Tetris. The layout is very similar, and the music is especially nostalgia-inducing. And we have to say that the developers have managed to pep-up the original by adding special features like the multiplier and free spins which are some of the most popular features of the conventional slot game. Thus, this slot game has managed to combine the all-time classic blocks game Tetris with the slot game formula and has managed to provide slot enthusiasts with an entertaining and lucrative format!

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Author: Karen Macarthur