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The Great Albini 2

The Great Albini 2 is a magical slot like houdini’s nest and this is why everyone is coming to explore this game. Everything here is sparkling and magical and the spins don’t need much of a push to move. Made with modern slot elements, the game carries a lot of interesting bonuses like free spins and ultra spins. So, get to know these more vividly by spinning the slot of The Great Albini 2. 

About the Slot of The Great Albini 2

Here, the gamers can see a dark auditorium kind of a structure filled with many chairs for the audience. There is a large stage curtain set up too that makes the theme stand out from other slot arenas. In the middle, the magic themed slot symbols can be seen ready to get spun for the bonuses. Here, the animations are super cool and the great Albini and his female assistant are getting ready to catch the bonuses. So, don’t wait too much and spin as much early as possible. 

Symbols and Icons 

It’s all magical here at The Great Albini 2 and the symbols are also magic themed. So, you just have to look for those with a magic head to spin the game. The symbols are A to 10 royals, the lucky cup symbols, the wheel of death icon, the money gem symbol and the wild symbol. There is also a high paying collect symbol too here in the game. With each spin you cover, you will get an idea of the game and how it spins. With this in mind, you can easily win the slot of The Great Albini 2. 

Features and Bonuses 

The features here are quite heavy. These include money gem prizes, free spins and lots of albini multipliers. The money gem symbol activates up to 50x rewards with a lucky spin from your side. Then the scatter icons trigger more features. Get to know these in the coming rounds. 


Everything about The Great Albini 2 is magical and superb. Just spin the game to make the most of it and get all the adventures as a magic show. So, start spinning right now. 

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Author: Karen Macarthur