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The Incredible Balloon Machine

The Incredible Balloon Machine
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The Incredible Balloon Machine
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Fans of online video slots would frequently come across developers and slot games that talk about truly unique themes, setups, designs, slot games and what not! But in reality, most slot games follow the same pattern of a few reels, with some rows, symbols, special symbols and the most sought after bonus round. But then once in a while, we get some really unique games that do away with all the normal aspects of an online slot game and yet manage to captivate and entertain players. The Incredible Balloon Machine belongs to this truly unique category of slot games. 

The unique gameplay

The Incredible Balloon Machine is truly unique in the sense that not one aspect of the game is akin to the conventional online video slots as we have known them. There are no reels, paylines, symbols or free spins; in fact, the game doesn’t even have spins. Basically, the only aspects that indicate that this is a slot game are that players have to make a bet and will be awarded a payout at the end. Additionally, there is a sprinkling of popular slot features like the multipliers and the bonus round too. 

So, how to play the game? Basically, the setup is of a balloon machine with a balloon hooked and ready to be pumped. When players hold down the ‘Spin’ button the balloon starts to fill up, the needle starts to move and a wager is activated. As players continue to hold down the ‘Spin’ button, the balloon gets bigger and so does the payout. But the catch here is if you wait for too long and the balloon bursts making it a no-win spin, the challenge is to collect the payout before the balloon pops. 

Special features and bonus rounds

The Incredible Balloon Machine comes with a special feature where a bank of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 7x multiplier options pop up at random and once the player presses the collect button a random multiplier lights up and is applied to the payout. 

This game also comes with a bonus round where a golden or black balloon appears which when blown to its full size activates the Pick Bonus round. Here a selection of balloons with credit prizes or a 2x multiplier appears along with advance or complete option where players advance to the next level or the bonus round terminates. 

Final words

Looking at the game, we have to admit that The Incredible Balloon Machine is truly unique in every aspect. The whole gameplay is totally different and yet entertaining and super-exciting. So, watch out!

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