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The Vegas Strip Blackjack

The Vegas Strip Blackjack
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The Vegas Strip Blackjack
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Vegas Strip Blackjack is popular among the hardcore casino game players. It has many amazing features to offer to the players and give them great opportunities to win big cash. Developed by the gaming Giant, Microgaming, this table casino game is one of the most loved games across the globe.

How to Play Vegas Strip Blackjack?

Vegas Strip Blackjack comes with four decks of fifty-two cards and the table limit if 500 credits. The game features the denomination from 2 of Ace and hence, gives players more chances to win.

All the rules and regulations are based on the Blackjack game. But, there are some pleasant surprises for the players. The card deal is same as other variations of Blackjack. You can stand, double-down or also take out the insurance. You can opt for the insurance that promises to pay you 2: 1. If you want, you can also hit your cards on hand if you feel that the dealer gains advantages.

You must stay on 17 to derive advantage if they have got 18. This will give way to get winning combinations. If the dealer has got an Ace or 10 in the opening hand along with a Blackjack, the game will be finished. You can then begin a new game but, not before clearing all the debts. This will avoid further confusions.

You can split two cards bearing same values. Also, you can split three times. If you get 10 in splitting hands, it’s just a regular 21. You can begin with 1 minimum bet to kick- start the game. Once you master to play and are confident, you can make higher bets as high as $ 200 maximum bet.


With amazing features, Vegas Strip Blackjack is touted as the most popular slot game. The game is simple but, offers thorough entertainment.

The graphics of the game transport you to the Sin City, Las Vegas. The delightful atmosphere, the classy music running in the background, the modern technologies make the gaming experience captivating. You will come across a 3D chip tray, a broad casino table and feathery card flips. The sound is amusing. Many speed levels keep your gaming spirit high.

The game is available in both single hand as well as multi-hand versions. You can try both the version as both are really fun and also give great payouts.

The strategy guide will help you to plan a strategy to make maximum out of the game.


The game is a lot of fun. If you are a fan of Blackjack, you are surely going to love Vegas Strip Blackjack, this amazing version of the classic Blackjack. This will give you an intense and enthralling gaming experience and you will make a great amount of money in the process.

So, stop waiting and get ready to step in the Sin City, have an entertaining time and also fill your pockets.

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Game Provider:  Microgaming

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