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The Timeline is a game designed by Northern lights; it is one of the best online slot games with a futuristic theme. The game takes the players through time travel, searching for amazing bonuses and rewards. 

Design and Graphics

The slot board of the game has a 5×3 layout set in a time-space-themed blurry deep blue background. On top of the reel, the outcomes of the previous spins are displayed. As a new spin is made, the result takes the place of the previous spin, pushing them to the left. To create an endless loop effect, the background gives a swirly effect, and the colour changes from deep blue to purple. This is done to resemble Einstein’s relativity theory and wormholes. 

Symbols used in Timeline

Timeline is a slot game that can for sure impress the space-time enthusiast. The tiles and symbols of the game are designed to match the theme. The Symbols used in the game are:

  • The Diamond symbol.
  • The wormhole symbol.
  • The pocket watch symbol.
  • The space ball symbol.
  • The golden space cube.

The payout of each symbol varies; some offer a high payout, while others offer a low payout. The symbols offering special rewards and bonuses are the scatter symbol, multiplier symbol, Timeline, and diamond symbol. 

The scatter in the timeline game is the wormhole symbol. To win, the player has to strike three wormhole symbols; the multiplier symbol is easily recognisable without any drama; the symbol reads 10x in bold golden writing. The pocket watch symbol is otherwise called the Timeline symbol. The epic strike is activated when the player lands on the diamond symbol, shaped like an X with a diamond in the middle and corners.

Timeline Slot Features

Timeline online slot game offers a good set of slot features to help the players win amazing discounts and bonuses. The timelines bonus feature offered by Timeline is unique. When the Timeline symbol lands on the reel, 15 symbols from the previous spin appear for an increased chance of winning. 

The other feature the game offers is the Epic Strike; this epic strike could give the player rewards ranging from 1x to a maximum of 4000x of the bet. To unlock the epic feature, the player must land on three or more diamond symbols. 

Timeline Payout

Timelines offer an RTP of 96.17%, an above-average range. The Timeline has a 5×3 reel with 243 ways of winning. The minimum bet can be placed at 0.10, and the maximum wager is 25 for a spin. The payout changes depending on the symbols; for the diamond symbol, the maximum payout is 4000x for the golden cubes with purple diamonds, and the maximum payout is 10x for golden cubes with red diamonds is 5x of the bet. 1x of the bet if the player receives 3 diamonds, 3x the bet for 4 diamonds, and the maximum payout is when the player lands on 10 diamond symbols, then the payout is 4000x.

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