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Warrior Ways

Warrior Ways
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Warrior Ways
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Join The Ancient Warriors In Warrior Ways- Play At Jackpot Paradise

Warrior Ways is a stunning video slot that has made it into the lobby of many gaming sites, especially for a producer of this class. On March 29, 2022, Warrior Ways, a game with thrilling gameplay and excellent graphics, was published.

About the Game

A 5×4 spinning online slot machine called Warrior Ways with a theoretical return of 96.33%, a high dispersion, and a maximum jackpot of x100,000. The mathematical balance and possibility of big swings keep the game intriguing all the time..

Game Symbols

The Blue Clan, Red Clan, Orange Clan, and Green Clan, are the event’s 4 Clans. Each Clan has a High paying and a Low paying sign that is linked with it. Low symbols are shown as Clan Weapons, whereas High symbols are Clan Warriors. When determining winnings, the Wild symbol replaces any High or Low paying icons.

In-Game Special Features


The main game mechanism is the Duel feature! When a VS sign falls precisely between 2 Clan Warriors from different Clans, a duel is initiated. Only reels 2, 3, and 4 are able to include the VS symbol.

Two Dual Multipliers will be used in each duel, one for each Clan Warrior. These multipliers in the main game can have one of the following potential values: 1 to 10, and 15, 20, 25, 50, or 100. The victorious Clan’s High symbol will take the place of the loser Clan’s insignia when a duel is over.


The Collect phase and the Clash phase are the two sections of this bonus game. Only dead, VS and unique Clan Multiplier symbols are used during the Collect phase; there are no paying symbols. During a certain number of spins, the objective of the collect phase is to gather as many VS symbols and Clan Multipliers as you can. Only reels 1, 2, 4, and 5 can receive Clan Multipliers.

The feature switches to the Clash phase when there are no more spins left in the Collect phase. The quantity of VS symbols amassed during the Collect phase determines the number of spins in the Clash phase, and each turn ensures a Duel.


10 free spins are awarded as part of the Conquest bonus. One additional free spin is given for each Conquest icon that appears while the feature is active. In this feature, the relevant Clan Banner gets harmed when a Clan loses a Duel. A Clan Banner may only be damaged twice before the Clan it represents is removed from the feature.


The classic slot machine from Warrior Ways appeals to players who value gaming with both traditional and distinctive characteristics. Even without extras, the core game is still entertaining, but when scatter, wilds, or other uncommon icons or bonuses show up on the reels, the game is elevated to a whole new level.

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