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Wild Marlin! Big Game Fishing

Wild Marlin! Big Game Fishing
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Wild Marlin! Big Game Fishing
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Infinity Dragon’s Wild Marlin is designed on a fishing theme. All the action takes place under the water. The game has an immersive design, theme, excellent gameplay, and bonus features. The players are for a big catch- the Marlin itself. 

Graphic and Design

The game is set in a serene ocean atmosphere. The design of the game is based on the ocean and underwater life. The slot is placed underwater; this is where the action takes place. In the background is the view of the surface, with a fishing boat on which a fisherman is sitting holding a fishing rod. There is a tree and a coast far with clouds filling the sky. 

The slot has a colour theme of translucent turquoise, and the slot is divided by thin transparent lines. Surrounding the reel are corals in pink, purple, yellow and other colours. There are also a few colourful fishes and other sea life creatures swimming around the reel. 

Symbols of Wild Marlin

The symbols of wild Marlin include high-paying, low-paying and special symbols. The special symbols of Wild Marlin are the scatters, wilds and epic strike symbols. The big Marlin is the wild symbol in this slot game. An oyster shell represents the scatter symbol with a yellow pearl. The symbol with the highest payout is the epic strike symbol, a golden coin engraved with a fish. 

Slot Features

The Wild Marlin offers lots of features and bonuses to make the slot game more interesting for the players. The Wild Marlin offers wilds, scatters, epic strike features, free spins and Bank’ Em Wilds. The Wild Symbol of wild Marlin is the Marlin itself; when the player lands on a wild, this substitutes the symbols with strike coins and other rewarding symbols to help the player unlock the Epic Strike Feature. 

When the player lands a scatter symbol on the pay line, it will unlock the free spin feature. The player must land on the scatter symbols to unlock the Bank’ Em Wilds. This feature on the 10th spin turns the random symbols to wilds. 

Payout of Wild Marlin

Wild Marlin is one of the best slot games, with an RTP rate of 96.86% and a minimum volatility rate. For the players to claim rewards, there are 10 pay lines. The minimum bet for a spin at Wild Marlin is 0.2, and a maximum of 100 per spin. The maximum payout is given when the epic strike is unlocked.

When the player lands 5 wild symbols, the payout is 1x of the bet. The payout for the 6 wild strike symbol is 3 times the wager amount. If a player receives 7 epic strike symbols, the payout is 10x the bet amount. The maximum payout of epic wild card is when 9 of them appear on the slot resulting in a payout of 100 times the bet amount. 

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