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Blog Posted on 11/09/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How to Win Playing Mobile Slots

Depending on your viewpoint, playing Mobile Slot can be entertaining, satisfying or frustrating. There are no specific ground rules to beat or cheat at the slots, because it’s impossible to do this. But the slot tips and strategies mentioned here at Vegas Mobile Casino are based on common sense and long held views of a lot of players. These can be applied to even the online casinos to win big.

Play Mobile Slots only at Reputed Casinos

Always play at reputed online mobile casinos. It goes without saying that they are certified from various organisations such as eCOGRA. Assuring the players of fair gameplay, they can play without any worries as the casino software are thoroughly tested. Players are assured regular and faster payouts.

Online mobile casinos that offer good welcome bonuses are the right ones to play at. They already have an initial amount to play the different Mobile Slots and for longer hours with better odds of winning.

Take Note of the Mobile Slots Payouts

Generally the high variance slots are better at giving payouts. High variance means the slot machines pay big wins but they are few and far in between. The most often repeated tip and rules concerning the online Mobile Slots is that they offer higher payout percentages greater than 90%. This is much better than playing at a land based casino making it the 1st tip towards winning at the mobile slots.

The payouts depend on various factors including the wagered amount, the number of coins used, the number of paylines and of course your luck.

Keep Track of the Bankroll

Managing the bankroll means limiting the gambling amount. Decide on this amount beforehand that you are comfortable losing. With this knowledge, enjoy playing the Mobile Slots.

Always start small when building your bankroll. Stick to small bets initially to keep the losses to a minimum. Build up until you have a suitable bankroll to take risks and then bet big.

While the progressive slots require you to place maximum bets, opt for playing Mobile Slots which give small but frequent wins.

Never Play When Emotional

A player will never play when he is under emotional stress. He is unable to decide when to stop playing. Taking wrong decisions and overstepping the gambling limit. Take your wins and leave the game when there is still time.

Opt for Playing the Multi Payline Slots

A common myth is that the single payline slots are better as you just need to line up three symbols for a winning combination. But with the multi payline slots, you have better odds of landing a winning payline. Various combinations of the symbols increase the winning chances.

Play variety of Mobile Slots

The most valued tip to win at the mobile or online slots is to play a variety of Mobile Slots with different themes. Whether its 3 or 5 reel, progressive slots, playing these will keep you entertained for long, thereby increasing your winning chances. Most importantly it keeps your mind sharp with the regular breaks. Playing different themed slots with bonus features or multipliers keeps the boredom away and helps to play within your limits.

Make use of the Free Credits/Spins/Bonus Promotions

A lot of times the Mobile Slots announce free spins for particular games. Usually these promotions are valid only during specific dates and time. Make use of these free spins or promotions to win during the game. Some of the online casinos offer free credits on registering which can be used to get familiar with the betting options and the slots gameplay.

Practice Before Wagering Real Money

All the Mobile Slots offers demo modes to get familiar with the slot. Play a casino slot with basic features to understand the game basics. Proceed to play with real money only when you are comfortable with the payout structure and gameplay.

All these tips and strategies for playing the Mobile Slots do not guarantee that you will win the progressive jackpot or bonus wins regularly. But are general guidelines that will make the Mobile Slots playing experience an enjoyable one.

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