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Apollo Rising

If you are a fan of IGT, then Apollo Rising slots will not come as a surprise for you at all. This is so because you already know IGT’s excellence in creating theme slots that are simply amazing. This one is a heroic tale, where a dog, a monkey, and co-pilots need to be rescued from the zero gravity space. Only for the courageous ones here, if you have it in you – you earn it too!

Apollo Rising Slots Specifications and Gameplay

This space themed slot is different from its peers in a way that it is more quirky and has an intriguing storyline to it. The hero needs to shoot himself into the space and go on a rescue mission, and that’s what makes Apollo Rising slots unique. It is a 5 reels slot with 100 paylines that are beautifully shown. The graphics are undoubtedly the best of IGT! The characters are lively and fun, and the hero is given a unique avatar of an astronaut.

The bets start from 1 coin per spin going up to 30 coins per spin, so the maximum a player can bet is 3000 coins on all the 100 paylines. Higher you bet, the better you win! The symbols are basically various letters and numbers floating around the space, left out by the missing crew. And they are no ordinary pieces; they make up for the clue! Match them up on the reels and get anything from 8 to 80 times your bet! When you rescue the Blue dog, you get 100 times your bet, and rescuing the monkey’s bananas can get you 150 times your bet. Both are easily spotted in the space with their colours amidst the blackness of the space. The co-pilots are also easy to find. Both are in bright orange and yellow suits, so you can spot them too. And they get you 300 times the bet for rescuing them!

Once the rescue mission is over, the Rising Re-spins symbols will make appearances on the reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. They trigger the re-spin feature, as the name suggests. Also, the wild symbols here expand to the entire reel because they are nothing but rockets! And the best part is that they stick to their places during the free games.

Apollo Rising is one hell of an entertaining slot! The way it is represented will make your heart melt and make this amazing slot your favourite one forever! There have been many space-themed slots before, but this one simply outweighs them with its excellent theme and storyline. Play now on Vegas Mobile Casino to get the best form of slot entertainment!