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Bubble Craze

If you’re a fan of addictive, bubble bursting games and would also like it if you could bet and win big with each bubble you burst, then Bubble Craze is the game that you’ve been looking for. In this colourful bubble world, all you need to do to win on Bubble Craze is to burst adjacent bubbles that are of the same colour. You can get paid for four or more matching bubbles and can even win for up to 19 matching bubbles.

How to bet on Bubble Craze?

To get started with playing Bubble Craze, you will need to have 50 coins. You can then try to create groups of four or more adjacent bubbles of the same colour so that you can win money. You can win anywhere between 10 times of your wagered amount for four brown bubbles or up to 10,000 times the wagered amount for 19 silver bubbles. All of the gameplay takes place on a hexagonal grid that has space for 19 bubbles. Every time you spin, the bubbles rise up from the bottom of the screen and get into position. You can use game features like the special bubbles in order to maximise your winnings in the Bubble Craze game.

Coin Value: Depending on the coin value you select your total bet will increase or decrease. You can simply use the plus or the minus sign to change the coin value.

Spin: This button is what will change your fortune. Click on it to place your wager and begin the Bubble Craze game.

AutoSpin: If you would like the Bubble Craze game to continue automatically for a given number of games, you can use the Auto Spin feature. This allows you to set how many games you would like to have the game run automatically for the current coin value. The Auto Spin then continuously plays the game until the Stop button is pressed, or a bonus amount is received, or if you do not have enough coin balance to proceed. Auto Spin is only available in specific jurisdictions.

Now let us take a look at some exclusive features that make Bubble Craze unique:
Bubble Craze is different from your usual slot games because of the lack of paylines. The game interface tends to build on the success of games like Bubble Witch and Candy Crush. Everyone would like a break from slots every now and then without losing that gambling flavour, and Bubble Craze is certainly an innovative game in that respect.

Special Bubbles: There are multiplier bubbles that let you increase your winning possibilities by either 2 or 5 times. Only one multiplier can be active for a win, whichever is the higher one. Transform bubbles have a circular arrow pattern within them. If you click on a transform bubble, it changes all the bubbles it is in contact with to a single colour. That can help you transform a group of at least five bubbles, depending on the position of this special bubble.

Free spins: There are certain bubbles with an atomic pattern. If you manage to get three or more of these you can win five free spins. Every spin is a guaranteed win and you will find that more Transform bubbles and multiplier bubbles are added to the mix.

After each spin is complete, you’ll find that all the bubbles disappear and new ones come up from the bottom of the screen. The Free Spins feature cannot be triggered twice so as to prevent any misuse of the feature. You can place a minimum bet of 50p and a maximum bet of £50 on each game.

The final verdict:

Bubble Craze is an interesting addition to the world of traditional slots games. It is fun, addictive and the colourful interface keeps you engaged and popping those bubbles. The bonus features like the transform bubbles and the multiplier bubbles are the lucrative features in the game and the ones you want to make use of the most to win big on this game. While the RTP on the game is a little low at 94.38%, you can still have a lot of fun while multiplying your fortune using the game’s bonus features.