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Crown of Egypt

Taking you back in time, the Crown of Egypt slots game carries the ancient Egypt civilization theme that throws a royal grandeur. Crowns worn by deities and kings included the Atef, the Pschent, the Hedjet and many others which have their own unique meanings and symbolism. If you like the golden sizzling theme that is visual treat, go ahead and spin the reels!

When you begin to play, you will see the following buttons on the Crown of Egypt slots game screen. Let’s start from the extreme left.

40 Lines + 1024 ways: The number of paylines will determine the probability of winning so more the merrier but it can be done only for counts 10, 20, 30, 40 or the highest one 40 + 1024 ways. The more paylines you choose, the more coins you will have to bet. While the value of each payline is just 1 coin, the minimum you need to bid is for 10 paylines which means 10 coins. The highest possibility on Crown of Egypt slots is 50 paylines + 1024 ways which attracts 80 coins bet.

Coin Value: Depending on the coin value you select your total bet will increase or decrease. You can simply use the plus or the minus sign to change the coin value.

Total Bet: It is the multiplier effect of coin value and paylines selected. If you select 10 paylines and place 2 as your coin value, your total bet will be 10 coins X 2, that is, 20. Every time you win 20 will be deducted from your balance.

Spin: This button is what will change your fortune. Click on it to roll the symbols and wait for them to stop on the winning line

Win: This box will show you the result of every spin. If your spin creates the winning line, the win will be displayed here and will be added to your balance.

Balance: This icon is one to watch out for. It reduces with every spin and gets added on every time there is a win. As long as you have something here, greater than you total bet value, the game will go on.

AutoSpin: This is a unique feature of Crown of Egypt slots that will let you spin the reels without hitting the spin button every time. Simply make sure you select the total spins you want to place. Once you click on AutoSpin, the turns will automatically take place until you hit the stop button or a unique event like bonus occurs. And of course, once you have nil balance, there will be no more auto spinning. It lets you enjoy the pace of the game by sitting back and relaxing. Simply watch the fun of line creation through the colourful lines that run across the screen at the end of every spin.

Tool Symbol: On your extreme right you will see a tool symbol that lets you change the setting. If you wish to see the best graphical output i.e. best mode, you will have to compromise on performance. Similarly high mode, medium mode and low mode will have different combinations of output quality and performance. In the low mode you will get extraordinarily smooth movements but it won’t be so pleasing to your eyes. You need to make the trade off.

Now let us take a look at some exclusive features that make Crown of Egypt slots unique:

Multiway extra feature: It is what defines the 1024 ways of winning on Crown of Egypt slots. As long as there are matching symbols in adjacent columns (beginning at your extreme left), you stand to win. There are times when the same symbol does not appear in adjacent columns, but there is a wild symbol which exists, the game play will automatically consider the wild symbol as the matching symbol and will let you win. But remember, the wild symbol will never replace the bonus symbol. If you have more than one matching symbols in a column, your win multiples.

Free Spin Bonus: Every time you spin the reel on Crown of Egypt slots, your balance reduces but certain events can trigger a free spin bonus which will let you bet without paying for it. What is that event? A bonus symbol will appear in the middle column and there you get your free spin. What happens if you get 2 bonus symbols in the middle column? Simple, you get more free spins. If you playing your free spin turn and you are lucky enough to get 2 or more bonus symbols again the middle columns, you get additional free spins. What if you go a winning spree and bonus symbols keep appearing? Well, the game introduces a maximum limit of 130 spins beyond which bonus symbol will be nil effect.

Crown of Egypt slots is a favourite of all players who like glitter, glitz and high win probabilities. Get started!