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Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns

After around 3 movies, an animated TV series, a host of other role playing games and merchandise one can almost say it was destined for Dungeons & Dragons to head to the slot game world. And hence we have the Dungeons and Dragons: Crystal Caverns slots by International Game Technology (IGT)

 Some of the IGT’s famous adaptations include Wheel of Fortune slots, Elvis slots, Michael Jackson slots and Monopoly slots.

Dungeons and Dragons: Crystal Caverns Slots Gameplay & Performance

For a slot game the graphics in this game are pretty good. The reels are filled with symbols that you would find in any medieval fantasy film and the music is pretty good too. It is one of those scores that you may find in fantasy films that came out 2-3 decades ago. Maybe IGT wanted to give us a 80s take on fantasy with this game or maybe they didn’t but it does look like they did though.

The game may look like that it was made 30 years ago but the performance is on par with the latest games. There are no lags and the way the game has been optimised to suit the different gaming platforms is just perfect. Great work from IGT.

Dungeons and Dragons: Crystal Caverns slots is a 5 reel and 20 payline video slot game. The betting options are quite diverse. You can choose amongst the different options with the lowest being £1 per payline to £30 per payline. Thus the top wager per spin is a massive £600. This is bound to make people who like to take risks really happy.

The slot is a medium to high variance one. This means that there is a slight bit of risk involved as there may not be frequent wins. But the wins that you get will be quite big to compensate for the less frequency of the wins.

Dungeons and Dragons: Crystal Caverns slots also comes with some bonus features to keep happy those players who get tired of playing the base game after a while.

Final Verdict

Dungeons and Dragons: Crystal Caverns slots is wonderful game from IGT. Their ability to transform intellectual property from other medium to slot games is unparalleled. And this game is yet another successful venture from them. So, just get online, try this game and allow yourself to be transported into the world of elves, dwarves, mages, dungeons and of course dragons!!