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Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra

The success of the online game Cleopatra threw a new challenge to the game designers and they won the challenge by coming up with a sequel to improve the experience of the game. The new game, Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra slots is much more engaging than the previous version and the players will surely forget the famous Cleopatra once they start playing this new version. Cleopatra is a slot machine game which is designed based on the Bingo games. This new game, Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra slots, is designed in such a way that the basic plot of the game remains same but the new features will blow the player’s mind for sure. The graphics and the artwork in the online version of this game are equally beautiful as Pharaoh Cleopatra.

The new version of the Cleopatra game takes the whole gaming experience to a new level. What makes the new game more exciting is the new Mega jackpot symbol. This new symbol in the game is more rewarding and all the other icons that are present in the Cleopatra game, i.e. Egyptian hieroglyphics, Pharaoh related symbols, lotus carvings, beautiful paintings etc. are also present in this Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra slots.

The game is played with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 pay lines and the gameplay is similar to any other slot machine game.

How to bet on Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra Slots?

You won’t find any problems in playing the Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra slots if you had already played Cleopatra and the only difference lies in finding the Mega Jackpot symbol. If you had found the new mega jackpot symbol in any of the active paylines, you can easily make the successful combination and you need to keep your eyes wide open until you find this symbol.

Placing a bet: For those who like to play for free, they can do so by clicking on ‘Play for fun’. For those who like to place monetary bets, the range starts from £0.40, and goes up to £60 per spin. You can adjust the bet using the given arrows.

Mega Jackpot: If anyone can find five Mega Jackpot icons in the centre payline, he will get mega jackpot bonus and based on the amount you bet, this may often result in millions. But note that getting this mega jackpot bonus is not that easy.

Free Spin: Similar to all other spin genre games, the free spin feature is present in this game also but to activate this feature one needs to find Sphinx scatter icon. Find three Sphinx scatter icons in any of the five glittering lines and the free spin bonus will automatically get activated. This not only awards 15 free spins but also a 3x multiplier. The best part is that this feature can be re-triggered for as many as 180 times.

Wild Jackpot Multiplier: Similar to its prequel, this game’s wild also replaces all symbols except for the scatters. When you get a wild during a free spin, the winnings get doubled with a 2x multiplier.
Beware, Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra slots is highly addictive and if you love bingo type games, this is the game you need to play. You need to be logical, intelligent and your guesses need to be perfect to win high rewards in this game. When compared with other games the theoretical RTP value of this value is a bit high and the bonus offered in this game is highly rewarding. Chase the Egyptian riches and if you play the game logically, the Queen Cleopatra will surely reward you.

A slots game with a touch of bingo, this game is definitely worth the try. If you loved Cleopatra, you will fall in love with this one too! Get a taste of Egypt with Mega Jackpots – Cleopatra slots on Vegas Mobile Casino. Play from your PC, tablet or smart phone – whichever you prefer! Whether you’re on the move or in the comfort of your home, experience Las Vegas in just a few clicks.