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Mega Jackpots Isle O’ Plenty

You have slot games, and then you have Mega Jackpots Isle O’ Plenty! This one from IGT is something you definitely cannot afford to miss. A slot that claims to give you a jackpot of £767,000? Only a saint can miss out on this. Apart from the attractive jackpot, from which we cannot take our eyes off, there is a lot in this beautiful slot – from great graphics to decent winnings, to intriguing features.

Mega Jackpots Isle O’ Plenty Slots Specifications

Yes, that’s true! Everyone can aim for that jackpot, whether you are a high roller or someone who bets low to be on the safer side. With only 60 coins per spin, you can play on all the 40 paylines. And the best part is that the range of coin value is very comfortable starting from 0.01 to 5.0. So, the bets can cost anything from 0.6 to 300 coins per spin.

The progressive jackpot of Mega Jackpots Isle O’ Plenty slots can be hit by three ways! Either you hit the four Mega Jackpot symbols on the centre reel, or you can do so even in the free spins, or there is also behind-the-scenes second chance option after any spin. The second chance which you get after any spin is nothing but giving you another go at doing one of the two prior options. This certainly gives hope!

You will also come across the Wild Rush feature. As the name suggests, the wild symbols will come rushing to the reels! And when they do, they will fill up the space below the existing wilds on the reels. These can make up for a great winning combination, or may even end up in giving you a stacked reel. The best part is that it can happen in both the base game and free spins.

Did we mention that Mega Jackpots Isle O’ Plenty slots has some really cute symbols too? There are lighthouses, castles and rainbows all around. And do they bring colours to your fortune too? Of course they do! They act as the bonus symbols and on matching two to four of them you get free spins. From 6 to 24 free spins to be triggered at once, there is a lot more magic in this slot than you expect. The Leprechaun’s magic can also turn the top row into wilds, and if the bonus is triggered by castle symbols, then they may even keep on re-triggering!

The Leprechaun himself brings in a lot of prizes for you. On getting three to five Leprechauns, you can win up to 1,000 coins. Other symbols that are also decently rewarding are the pots of gold, secret diaries, swans, butterflies and so on.

Mega Jackpots Isle O’ Plenty slots is truly a magical slot and has rewards to offer that can change your life forever!