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Premier Roulette

Roulette was always a royal game played by the imperial rich. It is only befitting that a game of this distinction is designed exclusively with 3D graphics, exclusive sound effects and best-in-class technology in gameplay. Premier Roulette lets the player customise their table visuals to get lifelike Vegas feel on their screens. So you are the player and the designer, both! What more can you ask for? It is a top notch experience for seasoned players who want to replicate the offline fun on their screens.

Possibly one of the oldest casino games in offline bars, this wheel spinning game excites the audience with immense variations played out by the dealer. A player can place bets based on numbers, odd or even. They can use colours, red or black to specify their choice or they can hope to hit the bull’s eye by indicating an exact number. That’s how all Roulettes in their classic forms are played. Premier Roulette is a sophisticated version with a new flavour and a new high!

How to Play Premier Roulette?

Firstly, the player decides on the money he wants to wager. After that he can go on to choose the bet type. For example, if you choose neighbour bets you get to wager on numbers placed in close proximity. Rest is similar to any other Roulette. You hit spin and wait for the ball to roll onto one of your wagered numbers.

If you are a serious gamer, you would want to make some calculated moves. Premier Roulette lets you a seasoned player check his playing statistics before he places more bets. It shows his history in black and white. Besides, there is an interesting speed controller which lets the players decide the pace of the game.

At IGT’s Premier Roulette you get the perfect balance! The customized visuals help you up your excitement manifolds. And the detailed statistics on gameplay lets you control your destiny and luck with some calculated bets.

So, don’t wait for the local bar croupier to place your lucky spin; get on to your computers and play Roulette in a style with IGT’s exciting variations! Let the player in you get new highs with a Roulette version that is truly royal.