Vegas Mobile Casino


Roulette is one of the very popular and exciting game in the casino that anyone, may it be a seasoned casino player or an amateur can play and enjoy. This game now comes to you on your palm as you can play Mobile roulette on a number of mobile devices from android phones to tablets and all iOS devices. This means you can get the action of real casino gaming just from anywhere from only your smart phone. Brilliant thing is you can earn some real hefty amount of cash just from anywhere!

See the Roulette spin on your palm

Mobile Roulette has been pared down nicely and designed specifically to fit well and make it easy for you to play on your smart phone. The HD graphics are very clear on the relatively smaller screens of the phone. You get all the options you would have in a regular casino and the app allows you to place the chips in any which way you want just like you can in a regular casino. The app has the buttons with which you can place your chips on single numbers, corners, splits, evens, odds, black, red etc. Choosing the positions to place your bet is very easy as the game is designed with touch feature.

Win big cash from just your phone

Paying Mobile roulette could earn you some hefty cash as the pay outs can reach 35x your bet on any single number. You have the option to bet from 10p to £25 on any position and you can place your bets on any number of positions in one play.

This game is a treat for any ardent fan of live casino as they get to enjoy the real action from anywhere just from their smart phone. The very nest HD graphics of the roulette table makes for a very pleasant playing experience.


The win multipliers are as follows:

  • Win on single numbers – 35x
  • Win on 2 numbers – 17x
  • Win on 4 numbers – 8x
  • Win on outside bets – 2x
  • Low/high, odds/evens, black/red – 1x
  • Win on 3, 5, 6 – pays out 11x, 6x, 5x
  • Winnings are paid plus original bet
  • Payout Percentage: 94.7%
  • Chip size: 50p, £1, £5, £10