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Sherlock Holmes Hunt for Blackwood

Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots is a theme based game created by the innovative IGT. It is based upon the famous detective Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The plot of this game revolves around the Sherlock Holmes and his pursuit in search of Lord Blackwood, a crooked man who terrorized people of London use his fake magical powers (rather scientifically explained tricks). Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots is the latest and one of the most awaited creations of IGT as it has amazingly new features and vivid graphics.

How to bet on Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood Slots?

Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots has 5 reels and 30 payline game. It starts with a short intro movie showcasing a ship and Sherlock Holmes saying I am still glad you decided to stop by 221B Baker’s Street. This game is amazing and features many of the movie’s amazing clips during the transition screens. The symbols which can be seen in this game are Sherlock Holmes, his dog, his pipe, his stop watch, his detective lens, his violin and Dr. Watson himself.

Placing a Bet: The minimum stake at which this game can be placed is 60p for only one payline and the maximum bet that can be placed on this game is £300 for 30 pay lines.

Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots game is a must play for those who like multiple features in a slot game as this game features a lot of different and never been played graphically enhanced mini games that pays you more and more.

Mystery Multiplier: It is randomly triggered feature of this game and has ability to award you up to 10x multiplier. These multipliers appear out of the bloom before a spin and make you rich instantly.

Teamwork Feature: This teamwork feature of Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots is triggered by getting alternate Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson symbols. Once you encounter such situation then all the Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson symbols transform into the higher paying Sherlock-Watson symbol. Then you win for that spin is evaluated on the basis of these Sherlock-Watson symbol.

Bonus Feature: This feature allows you to play multiple highly rewarding free short games. This round is triggered by getting 3 bonus symbols on any reel in any position during a spin. Once this bonus feature is triggered a short clip from the movie is shown and you are asked to choose one of the 3 closed doors. Behind these 3 closed doors you can get a Wheel 1 or an Advance!

Now if you get a wheel 1 then you are directed to a green fortune wheel and a free spin of that wheel is awarded to you. This wheel can award you exciting pay outs of up to 500 credits or can trigger a blow by blow mini game for you or can even advance you to wheel 2 (if you get Advance!)

A wheel 2 is a blue wheel containing bigger prices as compared to wheel 1. A wheel 2 can pay you up to 720 credits. It also has an ‘Advance!’, ‘Watson’s Jackpot’, ‘Blackwood 8 free spin’ and ‘Blow by Blow 5 picks’ symbols. If you get an Advance! you get a free spin on wheel 3 and if you get a ‘Blow by Blow 5 picks’ symbols then a cool mini game is triggered.

‘Blow by Blow’ game of Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots is the most amazing feature of this game. When this feature is triggered you would be asked to pick N number of won moves out of 15 cards. You can pick ‘Discombobulate’, ‘Body Shot’ or a ‘Traumatize’ move. The number of moves of a same kind gives you an equivalent number of multiplier for that move during the fight. At the end of the fight your score is evaluated according to your fighting moves.

The biggest of all is the Wheel 3. It can give you up to 1500 credits. It can also award you all the free games with more number of picks and spins as compared to the wheel 1 and wheel 2.

‘Blackwood free spin’ is a featured mini game of Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots which lets you choose your poison out of the 4 bottles of the poison at the start plus awards you free spins of Blackwood reels. Choosing a poison can award you lots and lots rewards like Blackwood Upgrade and multipliers.

The last and most amazing surprise element of Sherlock Holmes: the hunt for Blackwood slots is ‘Clue of the keys free spin’ which can be encountered on the fortune wheels. Now in this game you have to match the head and the bottom of a key to make a key and fill a key hole. Every time you match a key it opens a chest containing 2 to 4 wilds and credit rewards. The head of the key is found on Sherlock’s reel and the bottom is found on Watson’s reels which spin simultaneously for n number of won free spins during the Clue of the key mini game.