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Triple diamond

Triple Diamond slots is a very popular game in almost every casino. Those who are far from the reach of a casino or those who don’t have time to go to casinos can play this game now as the online version of this game is available on Vegas Mobile Casino. This online version is rich in graphics and gives you the feeling of a real casino while playing on your computer or tablet or smart phone. The rules and regulations are same in both online and offline versions.

In the 1980’s, the craze for this game is so huge that at least one member from each and every family loves playing this game. As the new games entered into the market, the craze for this game decreased with time. But with the introduction of the new retro styled online version game, the new generation is also getting attracted to it and more and more players are playing this game now.

How to bet on Triple Diamond Slots?

This 3-reel format slot game is available for smart phones also. Android, iOS and windows smart phone users can download these game apps from their official stores and those who are interested in playing this game on the computer can directly load the website in the browser as several websites are offering this game in interactive flash version.

Placing a bet and winning: The pay table initially pays 2 coins for one Triple Diamond and the coin count increases to 10 for two Triple Diamonds and the count increases to 2000 for three Triple Diamonds. The player who scores three Diamond symbols on the ninth payline will get the maximum rewards.

This game has single, double and triple bar symbols. A combination of the three on any played line will get you 5 times of your bet. But if you get three single bars on a played line, it will double to 10 times of your bet. Similarly, getting three double bars will fetch you 20 times of your bet, and three triple bars will get you a huge 40 times your bet.

Other rewards in this game include but not limited to three 7’s, three yellow or purple or blue bars etc. The value of these rewards varies from one another and the maximum being hundred and the minimum being twenty. The three 7’s gives you 100 times of what you have on stake! Unlike the modern casino games, this game won’t offer high rewards but if you play intelligently, you will surely get some reward which is not the case with other games.

Triple Diamond symbols: This is the real bonus of this game! One of these symbols triples your winnings, two of these will increase your winnings to 9 times and if you are lucky enough to land on three of these symbols, you will get a whooping 1199 times your bet! It just can’t get better here. Don’t let the retro look of this game fool you, the winnings are so high beyond your imagination in this simple slot game.

Those who love retro casino games can’t find a better game than this. Almost all the modern games came up with high and lucrative rewards which obviously come with more risk. The Triple Diamond slots game is easy to play and the risk is considerably lower when compared with modern casino games. The online version of this game is getting positive response from old and young generations alike and the overall popularity of this game is also increasing considerably. Just try this game once and you will surely fall in love with it as it is more rewarding. The logic of the game is so simple and even kids can also play this game once the basic logic of the gets understood.