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Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin Slots is a retro themed game which is designed especially for the winners. This game believes in giving you extra, more and frequently. These three favourite words of a slot player is the tag line of this game. This IGT game is based on the technology of 720 ways and is brought to you by Vegas Mobile Casino. Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots has soothing casino like background music. You can always hear the sound of coins rumbling out of this machine. Now, as the name says there is a wheel of fortune and yes you can easily win up to triple of the extreme wins!

How to bet on Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin Slots?

This game has 3-4-5-4-3 reels and is based on 720 ways of winning. It has amazingly awesome all time favourite and much known retro symbols. The high paying symbols include Wheel of Fortune, A ship, green ruby and a car. The other symbols are an apple, a cherry, an orange, a peach and a banana. Getting 3 or more same symbols on 3 or more adjacent columns is a win.

Placing a Bet: A bet amount is fixed for this game. It is 50 coins for betting 720 ways. The coin value however can be changed using the blue toggle buttons at the bottom left of the game screen. A coin value can range from 1 to 20 credits. This makes 1000 credits maximum bet for this game. The Jackpot amount for this game is huge 200000 credits which get by getting 5 ‘wheel of fortune’ symbols or during triple extreme spin bonus round.

720 ways of winning: 720 ways of winning are made possible with the help of Multi Wins Xtra Pay technology. This scheme of calculating a win rewards you every time you match 3 or more same symbols in adjacent columns, regardless of their position in that column. If there is more than one matching symbol in a same column, then the number of wins will be equivalent to the number of the same symbols in that column. Now due to this, if you get more than one same symbol in a column and you get a win using that symbol then your winnings for that win line gets multiplied. This gives you a big stack of money every time.

Wild and Scatter Symbol: Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots has a wild symbol too, that can substitute for all the symbols except for the ‘wheel of fortune’, ‘Scatter’ and ‘bonus’ symbol. The scatter symbol for this game is ‘scatter’ written in front of the wheel of fortune. If you get lucky enough to get 3 or more scatter symbols in any position of the screen, then a ‘Mini Wheel Bonus’ round in triggered. This Mini Wheel Bonus round can pay from 50x to 3850x of the coin value.

Mini Wheel Bonus Round: A mini wheel bonus round is the fun part of this game, which pay you additional money apart from the generously paying 720 ways. During the Mini Wheel Bonus round the symbol that triggered the bonus round is changed into a spinning wheel and starts spinning. Then it stops from left to right. When the wheel stops it indicates some value on it. The values that are indicated on it are added together and then multiplied by the coin value for that particular spin. The amount thus yielded will be your additional win.

Now the best and biggest surprise of Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots is here.
Triple Extreme Spin Bonus: A Triple Extreme Spin Bonus is triggered when you get 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on the game screen at the same time. Once you get them, you get redirected to the bonus round screen. There you will be asked to choose 3 or more envelopes (equivalent to the number of triggering symbols) out of 12 envelopes spread in 3 by 4 matrix. Inside every envelope there is a coloured diamond. It could be a Red Diamond, Blue Diamond or a Yellow Diamond. If you a get a red diamond you get a pointer on red wheel of fortune, for yellow diamond your get a pointer on yellow wheel of fortune and for blue you get the pointer on blue wheel.

Now if more than one pointer of the same colour is picked then these pointers get fixed value too, if a red pointer is picked at fourth position, then it gives 250 times of coin value, but if a blue pointer is picked at fourth position then you get 100 times of coin value. And if you get a blue pointer in fifth position, then you get 200 times of the coin value.

Blue wheel have values from 30 to 500 coins. Red wheel have values from 100 to 5000 coins and yellow wheel has 2x to 10x multiplier value which is applied to the total of the Triple Extreme Spin Bonus round’s winnings.

This game really awards you extreme winnings for ordinary bets. It is a great game with amazing winning possibilities. If you are more willing to win an extreme then just play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots!