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Blog Posted on 25/08/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Jurassic World

If there is anyone who can tell more and better about our long vanished ancestors from the earth, it is Steven Spielberg. His creation of the 1993 movie ‘Jurassic Park’ created awareness around the world of dinosaurs and their era on our planet. And Jurassic World is the fourth movie of this fantastic series. A modern theory about the existence of Dinosaurs and study of different species is shown wonderfully in this movie. But there are certain facts about this movie that you may not have heard about before. Here are some facts that can leave you surprised or rather fascinated.

Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Jurassic World

Ten Jurassic World Facts That Evoke a WOW!

  1. This is the first movie of the series where animatronics dinosaurs are missing. After the death of creator Stan Winston in 2008, the crew did not have the expertise to adopt such techniques.
  2. Actress Bryce Dallas who played Claire said in an interview that she performed various ankle exercises and trained to run in heels. You can actually see her running in heels the whole movie.
  3. The script of the movie was written in just three months aiming to release the movie in June 2013. Spielberg did not want to compromise on quality and he took his time and finally the filming started April 2014.
  4. Actor Irrfan Khan who was not popular in 1993 when first Jurassic Park movie came. He mentioned in an interview that he did not have sufficient money to watch the first movie.
  5. The set of this movie was actually a NASA’s Michoud assembly facility, a place where external fuel tanks for space shuttles were built. This facility is based out in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  6. In the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, actress Bryce Dallas said her real life son acted in Jurassic World. He is the boy who hugs the long neck in the petting zoo in the movie.
  7. The holograms of Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor are actually taken from the 1993 movie. The Velociraptor is taken from the scene where Lex and Tim were attacked and the other one which attacked Nerdy.
  8. The lab in the movie is shown being able to recreate dinosaur from mosquitoes caught in amber as it has the blood of mosasaurs. But this is a species of dinosaur that lives underwater and makes impossible for mosquitoes to have their blood.
  9. Jurassic World is the movie that was originally created to be based on human Raptor soldiers.
  10. According to the movie makers, the T-Rex used in the movie is the same that was used in 1993 blockbuster. You can see the scars on it that it got from a fight with velociraptors in the first part.

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