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Blog Posted on 30/06/2023 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Blackjack Terminology: Common Blackjack Terms Listed


The game of blackjack needs no introduction. Even if there are high chances that the game of blackjack might feel difficult for some newbie gamers, it is easy to master.  Understanding some of the most popular blackjack terms might appear to be problematic for a lot of people. Certain gamers may seek out equipment for gaming purposes since they are unfamiliar with the blackjack rules and complexities at hand.

The blackjack table may visually appear complex, but in ground reality it all depends on how much you understood the game. Live casinos are present to offer all the latest varieties of the game. It is indeed necessary to understand the terminology and rules of online blackjack in order to have the ultimate gaming experience at the table.

There are many blackjack myths surrounding the game as it has gone through many changes over the period of time, and blackjack history is a highly fascinating field of study. Live blackjack tips are available in many online casinos UK which have all the information regarding the game of blackjack.

Here is the complete Blackjack Terminology:


Ace like in  any other card game acts as the most crucial one having a value of 1 or 11.


Action is the term used in online casinos to denote the list of stakes and the sum of money put at stake. 


The last person at the blackjack table to take action preceding the deal. The anchorman could neither hinder or enhance your blackjack odds. 


The money you pay to play.

Basic Strategy

Basic strategy implies taking judgements only on approaches that are systematically right.


Blackjack is also the greatest card in the contest apart from being the name of the game.


The box is an important part of the table which is a sensed region right in the centre


Bust is the term used to denote the finish of a hand in the game i.e 21.

Card Counting

Card counting is no different than basic maths. A highly successful blackjack technique where participants keep an internal tally of all the hands given to them.

Chip Down

A chip down is when players reduce the stake amount over the earlier stake.

Chip Up

A chip up is the inverse of chip down which is to raise the stake amount.

Colour Up

The act of colouring up is asking the dealer to change the lower chip to higher chip.


CSM guarantees that hands are fully mixed while being reinserted into the contest.


Gamers are allowed to double the value of any two of their cards under this blackjack regulation.

Double After Split

A beneficial concept for bettors that lets them multiply up upon breaking a pair of cards.

Deck Penetration

The sum of cards that are dealt out by the dealer.

Double Down

An opportunity to double the initial stake before dealing one more card.

Early Surrender

Gamers get the choice of conceding at the earliest if the house opens using an Ace 

Even money

Choose even money to get an equal payoff from the dealer.

First Base

Place where you receive the first deck of cards in the table.

Flat Betting

Betting an identical sum on each round and not alternating between huge and modest stakes.

Hard Hand

A blackjack hand without an Ace is called a hard hand.

Heads Up Blackjack

An individual play against the dealer.

Hit 17

The player who dealt must strike the player’s hand on a Soft 17.

Hole Card

Hole card is a card which is faced down in a blackjack game.


Insurance bets can be taken when the card which is up comes out as Ace. The dealer will ask if players need blackjack insurance.

Late Surrender

This casino regulation allows gamers to withdraw once the host has confirmed.

Multi-Deck Blackjack

Blackjack games with more than a single deck

No Double After Splitting (NDAS)

The Double After Splitting law is the inverse of the NDAS concept.

No Resplitting Aces (NRSA)

Law that restricts Ace to split.


A loose play with no strategy at all.


A push occurs when both player and dealer get the same amount.


The second time a dealt card is split in a game.

Resplit Aces (RSA)

Law that enables Aces to be resplit.


The place in the shape of a box where the deck of cards are found.

Side Bet

Blackjack side bets can be placed parallel to a normal bet.

Single-Deck Blackjack

Blackjack which is played using only one deck of 52 cards.

Soft Double

The act of doubling down a hand with an Ace.

Soft Hand

A hand with an Ace. 


Instead of hitting, you can choose to stand.


A challenging hand featuring two beginning cards rated from 12 to 16.

True Count

The real count considers the current tally as well as the amount of cards left to be handed.


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