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Blog Posted on 11/10/2023 | Author: Karen Macarthur


Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home and playing your favorite casino slot online. You press the “spin” button and the reels of the online slots start spinning. After some time, the reels stop spinning and symbols are displayed on your screen. Have you ever wondered how online casinos determine the outcome? Well, that is where the random number generator, or RNG comes into the picture. Are you thinking what it actually is? Read on to delve into more details!


What is a Random Number Generator?

Random number generators are basically computer programs that help generate numbers randomly. They are capable of producing vast sequences of numbers every second and do not follow any specific pattern. The RNGs can provide either a series of numbers or an individual number when requested. Online casino games like slots use these random number generators to determine the outcome and offer lucrative payouts to the players.

When it comes to the types of RNGs, there are two options available. It includes the true random number generators and the pseudo-random number generators. 

The true random number generator leverages physical events having random elements like noise signals in order to generate random numerical values. Owing to the inherent randomness of the physical events, predicting the number sequence is impossible. As a result, it ensures fair gaming and prevents online casinos from making changes to the outcomes in any manner. On the other hand, the pseudo RNGs make use of algorithms for the creation of large number strings based on shorter-number strings. 

Working of the Random Number Generator

Are you wondering how the RNGs work? Well, it is simple and straightforward. Whenever there is a need for a random outcome, the random number generator will take a seed value and put it across a complex algorithm. It helps in the generation of a sequence of numbers corresponding to an outcome. 

For instance, in the case of the online slots, the outcome will be the symbols appearing on the reels. On the other hand, for the casino games like roulette, it will be the numbered pocket in which the ball will land. 

Ensuring Fairness of Online Casino Games with Random Number Generator

Enhancing the fairness of online casino games is all about ensuring that the RNGs are truly random. A reliable and genuine random number generator will produce unbiased and unpredictable numbers. That means all the numbers present in a sequence have equal chances of being selected. For that, the online casino platforms leverage specialised hardware.

In addition to the hardware, the casinos take several other steps to ensure that the RNGs are fair. Wondering what are they? All the licensed and regulated online casinos have dedicated software in place that is tested regularly by independent third parties. The different testing performed include mathematics and game evaluations, RNG evaluations, full security audits, game payout verification, ongoing RNG reporting, and more. 

The auditors also make use of different statistical methods in order to test the randomness of the outcomes and ensure that they are not influenced by any outside factor. Only when the random number generators pass the tests successfully, they are considered to be fair and completely random.

Common Misconceptions About the Random Number Generator

  • Casinos manipulate RNGs

Many players have the perception that online casinos are capable of influencing the outcomes generated by RNGs. However, this is not true. The genuine RNGs are unbiased. That means the online casinos or any other third party cannot manipulate the results in any way. So, you can be rest assured about the fairness of the games and enjoy it to the core.

  • Random Number Generators are predictable

The RNGs generate a sequence of numbers. However, the sequence is unpredictable and random. There isn’t any way to make predictions about the next number that will be selected by the random number generator.

Tips to Play Safe at Online Casinos

No doubt, the random number generators guarantee the fairness of online casino games. However, there are still certain measures you need to take to ensure safe gameplay. Let’s dive in!

  • Check the licensing of the online casinos and select a reputed platform only.
  • Before you engage in the games, set a budget and stick to it.
  • Avoid chasing your losses as it can worsen your financial situation. 


By now, you must have a comprehensive idea about the random number generator and its working. It is at the core of most of the online casino games. Want to try your hands at the live casino games? Be sure to select a reliable and genuine online casino that makes use of the RNGs. Invest time to research the different platforms and choose the best one wisely.

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