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Blog Posted on 01/07/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

5 Mobile Phone Bingo Myths

Mobile phone bingo is the most underrated games in the mobile casino world. Bingo is the most vintage game popular in the gambling world. So, if you are one of those who believe these myths to be real facts, it is time to burst that bubble!

Myths of Mobile Phone Bingo

Top 5 Myths About Mobile Phone Bingo

    • Mobile phone bingo is meant for those who cannot handle other casino games

Now, that is something so phony! Bingo is very interesting, even more than slots! Over the years, new features and prizes have been added to bingo that has made this game all the more interesting. At times, the promotions we have for bingo are even better than for slots and other casino games.

    • It is just playing with robots

This is something you have to take out of your mind! While you may have a computer as the caller, there is no pattern or loopholes in which there is any scope of fraud. The numbers are randomly chosen for every single game. Also, you get to play with real players from all over the world – and there is even a chat forum available for you to interact with them.

    • Bingo can make you spend more than your budget

The fact is, Bingo is one of the cheapest mobile casino games. So, there is no chance you can overspend here, unless you only choose the highest amount of bets every time. The betting or the tickets start as low as £0.01. There is no way one can overspend here if you are smart player.

    • Bingo is very boring as compared to other games

That is so not true! You get to interact with fellow players from all over the world, and you really enjoy their company while punching in numbers. Can slots give you that? Of course, not!

    • Mobile phone bingo does not reward much

How can a mobile bingo game be not rewarding when we offer amazing promotions and offers on it from time to time? It is time to bust this myth and try your hands on bingo – because believe it or not, bingo is actually very rewarding! Obviously, with a little help from your luck!

Mobile phone bingo is pretty easy game to play. And when you have exciting offers and promotions from Vegas Mobile Casino, there is no backing out from them! Meet new people and interact with them while you entertain yourself on this amazing game!

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