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Blog Posted on 21/08/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

5 Types Of Gamblers You Find In A Casino

Gamblers come in various forms and have different tastes, but all have some identifiable patterns. Based on these, casino online gamblers can be classified into various groups. These groups of gamblers are as follows:

5 Types Of Gamblers You Find In A Casino

1. Compulsive Gamblers Compulsive gamblers are easy to spot and must gamble in a casino online come hell or high water. For these sorts of people, gambling is a compulsion that they have possibly previously tried to shake off to no avail.
Gambling is their only priority, family, business and health be damned and they are often alcoholic or in poor health, due to emphasizing gambling above everything else. They are also very impulsive and reckless, find it near impossible to hold a job and spend most of their waking moments thinking about making bets.
Compulsive gamblers are most often broke and usually resort to deceit and thievery to cover up their usually considerable gambling debts. Compulsive gambling is however readily treatable but requires dizzying amounts of support and motivation to enable the ‘patient’ to break free from his/her addiction. And even after treatment relapses are common.

2. Relief And Escape Gamblers Life is seldom a bed of roses. Thus, there’s bound to be a few rocky moments here and there. To get through that, some take drugs, others drink or eat to stupor. But the Relief and Escape Gamblers prefer to gamble when the going gets tough.
For them, gambling in a casino online is as therapeutic as a visit to the doctor and possibly cheaper! They are however not compulsive or addicted gamblers and usually, quit gambling once the issue that made them take it up has been either solved or disappeared for some reason. Still, these sorts of people are seldom in a good frame of mind and might have impaired judgement. Thus, they can lose frightful amounts in less time than they would think!

3. Serious Social Gamblers For these types of folks, gambling forms a major part of their entertainment and relaxation activities. While they spend more time gambling in casino online than most, they remain in control and ensure that their professional, familial, personal and other responsibilities take precedence over gambling.

4. Casual, Social Gamblers These sorts of people can be easily spotted in casinos online, online gambling events and the like. For them, gambling is merely a fun activity where they get to relax, chill out after a busy work week and meet gamblers of like minds.
Social- Casual gamblers are careful of the amount of time, money and other resources they invest in gambling, might gamble infrequently and usually prefer games where other people are involved.

5. The Professional Gamblers For these sort of people, gambling in a casino online is not a hobby, but a living. That is, they play to live and the income they get from gambling puts food on their table and mink coats on their back.
Professional gamblers do not get there by accident or act by intuition. Rather, they undergo endless training, can speedily calculate the odds for and against an action and depend on statistics to get ahead and get the wins coming in a steady stream.

Professional gamblers usually have endless patience, can endure staggering amounts of stress and pressure, and prefer gambling mediums where success does not depend chiefly on luck, but on skill and perseverance. They are also rarely addicted to gambling in a casino online, as they mostly gamble for business rather than pleasure.

You can easily identify these sort of gamblers, as quite a few are celebrities who are prominently featured on the print and electronic media.

Gambling in casino online is a fun and thrilling activity that can net you the equivalent of a king’s ransom in a hurry! However, it can get addictive. This is why it is always vital to set boundaries and to gamble responsibly always. With tens of thousands of lives and homes being ruined yearly all over the globe by the harmful effects of irresponsible gambling, players need to beware of the potential dangers while flirting with Lady Luck.

And the next time you step into a casino online or a traditional one, why not have fun trying to sport gamblers who fit into the categories listed above.

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