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Blog Posted on 21/06/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

A Complete Guide on Blackjack Betting

Blackjack is a game that involves sheer luck and cunning strategies. If you’re willing to master the art of playing Blackjack. Then, the most important aspect is to understand how to place a wager and learn when to bet in Blackjack. This is easier said than done. Blackjack betting strategies sounds much simpler in theories than they actually are in real life. Nevertheless, there have been many players in past who have successfully learned when to bet in Blackjack and went on winning mega prizes.

A Complete Guide for Blackjack Betting

Know When to Bet in Blackjack

Betting on blackjack could be played in two ways. A wager can be placed by a gambler on a player who is playing against the dealer. Another way is that a player places a bet on his/her own hand while going against the dealer. Once you’ve bought chips in exchange for money, the next step involves betting. Different outcomes have different payouts. Therefore, it is essential for a player to know which bet is suitable for him/her.

Which Bet is Most Suitable for you?

There is a lot to take under consideration before placing a bet in any casino game. There are different methods of betting depending on your bankroll, a game’s risk factor, luck, gameplay time, and much more. Here are some of the best methods of betting in Blackjack.

  • Flat Betting
    Flat Betting involves placing the same wager on every round. But it is tricky to understand when to bet in Blackjack using the flat betting method. If you’re continuously losing the big money bets, it is recommended to stop playing flat bets and lower the amount.
  • Progressive Betting
    This method of betting involves changing the wagering amount on every round and not keeping it the same. Some players lower the betting amount on winning whereas others increase the bets on winning. Increasing the bet on winning is a safe approach as you do not lose more from your bankroll instead use the money won on previous rounds from the casino.
  • The Martingale System
    This system is one of the oldest betting systems. It involves a player doubling or tripling the bet amount every time they lose. This is done as an assumption that on an average, the player is going to get away with a profit despite all the defeats. However, it is a very tricky betting system and one should know when to bet in Blackjack the martingale way. If you have a big bankroll and plenty of time to play then this could be your choice of betting.
  • The Parlay Betting System
    This system is to maximize the payout when it is your day at the casino. Also known as Let it ride system states that a player adds his winnings on the previous wager to place a new bet every time, he/she wins. The best time to be sure of when to bet in blackjack using the martingale system is when you’re looking to maximize the payouts on your day.
  • The D’Alembert System?
    This method involves a player raising the wager by a unit on losing the previous round and decreasing the wager every time he/she wins. If you’re looking to make a balance between defeats and wins, it is when to bet in Blackjack using the D’Alembert System.
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