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Blog Posted on 18/11/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Hosting The Perfect Home Poker Games – A Guide To The Essentials

Hosting The Perfect Home Poker Games - A Guide To The Essentials

A home poker game night with your favorite people is the best weekend you can plan. You can enjoy some drinks, play your favorite casino games, catch up on each other’s lives and also make some money on the way while munching on snacks. Though it sounds tempting, it requires a lot of hard work and planning to make it a successful home poker game night. You need to plan, buy, set, and define rules to make the maximum out of your night. This guide will help you with every step of setting up.

Planning For A Perfect Home Poker Games Night

A home poker games night require some hard work on the back end, which includes-

  • Buying all the necessary items
  • Learn the games and the rules
  • Set the limits and establish house rules
  • Find the right table and the right chips
  • Buy snacks and beers (your choice of drinks)
  • Decide intervals of your game
  • Decide an end time to the fun

Let’s discuss each of these points in detail.

Buy All The Necessary Items

If you are hosting the home poker games night, you need to do it right. To make it happen, you need all the tools ready with you. It includes a table, chips, food, drinks, player, space, etc. While it may sound simple, it is not.  Make a list of everything you need and things you need to buy. Also, plan for what if something goes wrong, what if only a few people come, what if some arrive late, what if someone is allergic to one or another food item, etc. As a host, keep a back-up plan in place for every scenario.

Learn The Games And The Rules

As a host, it is your responsibility to decide what games to play and keep everyone engaged. To execute it successfully and confidently, you need to learn about the different poker games you can play, such as Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, etc. In addition to the games, you must be aware of the games’ rules in and out to guide your players.

Hosting The Perfect Home Poker Games - A Guide To The Essentials

Set The Limits And Establish House Rules

First, you must decide whether you are hosting the night as a socializing and fun activity, or you want to take it up a notch and play a semi-serious poker involving hard cash.

Also, establish the rules, such as the chips that will be dealt with at the start of the game, regulations, penalties, etc. On a serious poker night, these rules become essential.

Find The Right Table And The Right Chips

Choose a table based on the number of people you have invited. You don’t need to go through IKEA showrooms in search of a perfect table, but any table that can seat everyone comfortably will do. A nice table adds to the game’s appeal. If you are planning on hosting regular home poker games nights, you can plan on buying one.

After the table, there are chips which you must buy. How many chipsets to buy depends on your guests. If it is going to be a cozy night with only you and your four friends, a 500-chip pack will work. You can keep a spare set for unexpected situations. Then decide the denomination of the chips. As you are playing home poker games, you can decide on any denomination.

Buy Snacks And Drinks

You are not going to starve your guests, are you? You can buy everything yourself, or you can ask everyone to bring something. Anything they wish to bring. It can be lots of chips, chicken wings, sandwiches, dips, fries, etc. You can order pizza while playing. Also, keep a healthy stack of chilling beers in stock. Your guests can also bring a six-pack stack of beer.  If you have drivers in the group, keeping the night free of alcohol is recommended. If it is going to be a short and classy night, you can place your guests’ favorite whiskey, gin, scotch, or anything they prefer.

Decide Intervals For Your Game Nights

If you are organizing the home poker games night as a way to reunite with your buddies for a fun night, you can also plan on making it a regular thing. You can plan a fixed date for the night, or you can make it a fortnightly plan with you and your friends hosting the night on alternate weekends. But it should be consistent. If you decide on a date, stick to it. Don’t postpone the event unless it is essential. Everyone has important things to do, and some friends might not appear every time, but at least regular ones can plan their schedule beforehand.

Decide An End Time To The Fun

Whether you are playing all night or your roommate has an early flight and needs you to vacate the place early, inform your friends beforehand and plan the evening accordingly. Create a blinds schedule; so you enjoy it fully without dragging the game.  

Be A Perfect Host

Planning a poker night requires minute planning of every aspect. With various people involved, there is always a chance of things going south. Keep back-up plans in place. If most of your guests cancel the event, you can ask the attendees to bring some new friends. If you think that you have more people than you invited, keep extra snacks. Always keep extra chips and decks of cards. As a perfect host, plan for everything.


All the basics of setting up a home poker games night have been covered here. So, set a date, buy the chips, call your friends, and have a breezy home poker games night.

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