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Blog Posted on 04/03/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Are Voice Controlled Games The Future of Online Gaming

 Are Voice Controlled Games The Future of Online Gaming

There is no denying that people live in a period of accelerated technological invention in which creations that looked autonomous 5, 10, or even 15 years back are a reality now. Voice-operated computers have been considered a pipe dream not too long ago, and today they dominate many facets of modern-day technologies.

Nowadays, most devices include voice-powered operating systems such as tablet computers, smartphones, and laptops. So, rather than manually writing text messages, emails, online searches, or making mobile phone calls in an old-fashioned manner, it is possible to order it via voice commands.

As avid players, it is natural to wonder exactly how this technology can impact the gaming sector in years to come. Thus far, cellular casinos have not integrated voice technologies just yet. Still, it’s inevitable once you consider that a growing number of consumers are getting used to functioning each facet of their apparatus through voice commands.

The combo of Voice controlled games, and engineering applications will surely bring on some fascinating possibilities. The following article is that which we believe will occur concerning Voice controlled games in online casinos. But first, let us look at what precisely cellular voice technologies are.

What’s Mobile Voice Technology?

Mobile voice technologies are the thing that allows one to run certain functions of your mobile device using voice commands rather than manual inputs. Consequently, you can use voice commands to dial a mobile phone number, make a mobile phone call automatically, play a Google search, and sort out notes and upgrade your FB status.

This instrument isn’t just handy, but it increases the general security of using your mobile phone when doing different tasks, such as driving. It is a hands-free way of utilizing your phone that does not require any unique accessories or settings. One of the most common sorts of voice management technology comprises Microsoft’s Cortana, iOS Siri, and Samsung’s S Voice program.

What's Mobile Voice Technology?

The Future of Voice Controlled Mobile Casinos

As with anything, the program of voice management technologies in the gambling industry has its very own set of positives and drawbacks. For starters, most folks could not be bothered to utilize the voice command feature in their mobile phones, although it’s readily available for them to do so. Maybe some folks need a while to become accustomed to the thought, or it might be the simple fact that voice technologies are still under development and aren’t quite as user-friendly since it’s going to be in the state, 5 to a year from today.

However, it is difficult to deny the notion of restraining your mobile device through voice controls will not include some sweet advantages too. By way of instance, acquiring a Voice controlled cellular casino will allow you to play your favorite slots unencumbered. As a consequence, you may perform different jobs without missing a beat in your sport.

It also means you will spend less time faking your eyes to examine the match on a PC or notebook, and you will play with your favorite slots along with your eyes shut.

Plus, the existence of Voice controlled casino games ensures we’re getting closer to realizing the dream of virtual reality gambling, where you will have the ability to enjoy your favorite slots as though you’re in the genuine casino even though you’re playing a gadget.

However, the technology isn’t yet at a stage where we could realize these chances. In reality, it is not unusual for Siri or Alexa to find consumer commands incorrect or merged, which frequently contributes to a good deal of confusion when texting or performing online searches.

Yet, as developments continue to be made on voice management technologies, users will have the ability to appreciate much better precision when playing with their slots via brand new online casinos in years ahead.


It sounded like yesterday when the Microgaming company announced its launch of the world’s first online gaming platform. This was back in 1994, and 20 years later, the gaming sector is looking forward to more inventions in the kind of voice controlled live casino.

Naturally, players are already enjoying cutting-edge attributes like enhanced video and audio effects, Flash push cartoons, and the ability to play live using real-life human traders and players from all around the world in the hands of the hands.

Gaming giants such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and International Game Technology (IGT) are hard at work to come up with new and improved ways for players to enjoy their favorite slots, and it’s been hinted that Voice controlled games are a part of the innovation.

It is safe to presume that ten years from today, we will have the ability to play with slots and function all aspects of mobile casino accounts using voice control technologies.

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