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Blog Posted on 05/03/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Best Smartphones to Play Casino Games

The Smartphones are with us 24/7 all through the year. We are so used to having it with us, there is even a medical condition associated with it, when we are separated from it. How’s that for technology?

Interesting and weird isn’t it? They are made for making our lives easy, right down to entertainment, web browsing, office and work related activities. Making inroads into the mobile gaming sector, it’s the next step for cornering this vast potential and profitable market, for this wonderful device.

Speaking of the Vegas Mobile Casino games, there are 5 important specifications which you have to consider when using a smartphone for playing them.

Operating system (OS)

The first thing to note when you consider playing on your mobile smartphones is the operating system. The Android and the iOS operating systems are the leading contenders in the smartphone operating system market.

The innumerable alternatives for smartphones, available for the players make it a daunting task for them to select. The market is flooded with different versions of the same OS. While the developers release the OS upgrades periodically, it is up to the manufacturers and the network carriers to provide you with the latest OS versions. So look for a smartphone which has easily available OS updates.

Processor, The Brain of Smartphones

Hard to find, but ticking alive to make your smartphone work, is the brains of these little devices. Located deep within the crevices of a smartphone, is the tiny microprocessor, a chip so small and thin.

The processing power of the CPU (Central Processing unit) or the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is what matters, when it comes to your smartphones performance. Every action and the time it takes for its completion, is now the matter of life and death (pun intended) for a smartphones success. And of course your Vegas Mobile Casino gaming experience.

The top processors are from Intel (i6, i7 series), AMD and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series. While the first two are faster, it’s their comparatively bigger size and high power consumption, which acts as a deterrent for using them in mobile devices. It is here where the Snapdragon scores over them.

We can say, the faster the processor, the better is your mobile casino gaming experience; only if the supporting specs such as memory, battery, OS updates all work in tandem.

Exceptional Video and Graphics card

Continuing with the above point, a good GPU with a powerful graphics, video and audio card is required for your casino gaming. Having the latest version which is compatible with the OS and other supporting specs is important.


The minimum requirements for playing any of the casino games available on the Vegas Mobile Casino website, on your mobile devices is 1GB RAM. At the least you will get decent quality performance. As the quality of the games improves, it sucks up your internal or storage memory. With the current crop of casino games opting for rich graphics and animations, even HD quality; it’s sensible to have those smartphones which have a big RAM and internal storage capacity. You can even opt for those with expandable memory through SD cards.

Screen Resolution and Size

It seems the bigger the better is the mantra that the mobile smartphone manufacturers are chanting nowadays. Slim, yet having a bigger screen size is what the norm is. The current smartphones come with AMOLED screens. Every tiny detail of the game is highlighted and presented. Guess it makes your mobile gaming experience that much more real.

Opt for smartphones which have the highest PPI (Pixels per Inch). The more number of pixels, the better is the game’s display. HD quality games are best suited for the bigger screen size. But on the flip side, the drain on the battery is considerable as the screen resolution and the size increases.

Battery Capacity

There is no point in having everything in place, if our battery juice dries up. For an extended gameplay of the Vegas Mobile Casino games, make sure the battery life is long without having to charge it up frequently. The minimum of upto 48 hrs is what you should expect in any smartphone.

A bigger price doesn’t always guarantee the best specifications. There are many lower priced smartphones which offer the same specifications as the branded ones or the expensive ones.

Keep in mind the above specifications when opting for a smartphone to play the Vegas Mobile Casino games. These are basic requirements which should help you in making the smart choice for using a smartphone for casino gaming.

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