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Blog Posted on 16/08/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Biggest Wins in the History of Roulette 

Before the rage of mobile Roulette casino was in, Roulette was and still is one of the most popular casino games. You might have heard about people losing big, people winning small amounts, but what about those who inspire you to play? Some of the biggest wins in Roulette have gone unnoticed, but if you are a serious mobile Roulette casino player, then you must know about these five interesting and biggest wins.

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Here’s the Inspiration to Win at Mobile Roulette Casino

  1. £28,000 in two months

Balvinder Sambhi, a British gambler, won £28,000 in two months. And for that, he had to face a ban from the Grosvenor Casinos! There was no reason given for his ban, but Sambhi did not stop at that. He went on to write a book about his secret system of winning at Roulette. The book is called ‘Sequential Roulette’, where Sambhi has explained his system in detail that he perfected after years of practice.

  1. $1.6 million in one go!

Mike Ashley, the owner of the Newcastle United – English Premier League Football club, is also fond of gambling apart from owning the football franchise and a chain of sports equipment shops. Maybe that was a lucky day when he went to his regular Fifty Casino in London and put up a huge bet on the number 17, along with odd and black. In one go he won it all!

  1. The wins and the greed!

You know how it is always advised to stop gambling after you have won enough? Take this case as a perfect example. Charlie Wells, an Englishman, went to Monte Carlo with about $4,000 in his bank. He was sure he will come out as a millionaire. He started betting as much as 2,000 Francs per spin, and soon entered the hundreds of thousands figure. He eventually did get several million in his bankroll, but that didn’t last long. His greed didn’t do any good and he lost everything he had won, and much more to the extent that he died pennilessly.

  1. The doctor who became a millionaire

Richard Jarecki, a doctor, was fond of playing Online Roulette in his free time. So much so, he figured out a certain kind of flaw in the wheels of the casinos of Monte Carlo and San Remo. He figured out the bet numbers that came out the most in those selected wheels and put his bets only on them. Within not much time he owned over $1 million. Now that’s something which can inspire you to play at mobile Roulette casino.

  1. Going a step ahead of the doctor

Richard Jarecki did it all alone, but Billy Walters had an entire team to do the job of finding the wheels with flaws. Walters was truly a businessman. He made his team hunt down the casinos that had wheels which give biased results. He then used to hit the house for everything they had. In one of the casinos that he had shortlisted, one had 5 biased numbers. Walters bet everything he had on those five numbers and walked out with $3-$4 million. If he can win with this much effort, imagine you winning on the mobile Roulette casino.

Now that you have been inspired from these wins, you can now play Roulette on the go at mobile Roulette casino, Vegas Mobile Casino!

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