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Blog Posted on 28/07/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Play Bingo Games Anywhere, Anytime!

BINGO! Hearing that word is enough to imagine big halls with long table crowded with old people, clasping Bingo games tickets and stippling away on them. The scene has switched quickly to a new time with even the young people indulging in this game of luck and chance.

The modern Bingo can trace its roots to Italy as late as 1530’s in the form of an Italian lottery game, ‘Lo Guioco del Lotto D’Italia’. Going through time and countries, it has changed a lot to the present version, with many more modifications still to come.

Bingo goes Online and Mobile!

Bingo has long since moved from the crowded halls to the virtual world. Play online or go mobile to have the numbers rolling in. Press manually or let the system do it for you, as the Bingo numbers show up on the screen.

Having bright and funky graphics with an intuitive interface; Bingo has taken many avatars in recent years. Play the classic American version 75 Ball Bingo with the numbers printed in a 5X5 grid under the letter B-I-N-G-O, or the UK/Australian 90 Ball Bingo with the numbers printed on a 3X9 grind. The other variations like Speed Bingo, Mini Bingo (80 Ball), Coverall/Blackout Bingo, Texas Bingo or the Pattern Bingo are also popular.

You can take this virtual adventure to win big, from anywhere at any time on your smartphones, laptops or tablets. Compatible on all the iOS, Android or Windows software platform, it packs quite a punch with its relatively small memory size.

Most of the online Bingo has the pre-buy option, allowing you to play in the future Bingo games. The smart and crisp interface, with chat facility is standard issue in all the online Bingo games. But, it’s the interesting bonuses and offers that all the online casinos are luring the players with. Welcome deposit bonuses, mobile bingo no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, special promotional offers centred around holidays or events that are pulling the players in droves.

Tips for winning online Bingo:

More of a social game than gambling, online Bingo is a game of anticipation and luck. There is no watertight strategy for winning in Bingo, but a couple of tips will help you along in your playing.

Choose your time and place- no more standing in long queues to buy the tickets or find a place. The online Bingo version makes it so convenient that it’s a piece of cake playing here. Play it right from the comfort of your homes or while on the move.

Grab those bonuses & offers – Avail those regular bonuses and offers that the online and mobile casinos offer throughout the year. Keep in mind to read the fine print about the T&C before using them.

Indulge in game varieties – Bingo variations like the 30, 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games go hand in hand with the Speed Bingo, Mini Bingo (80 Ball), Coverall/Blackout Bingo, Texas Bingo or the Pattern Bingo, for the curious and the adventurous player. Who knows, one of them might let you win big!

Buy more Bingo cards – The more number of cards that you buy, the better are your winning chances. But, is your dabbing skill good enough for racing against the quick list of numbers that the random number generator spills out? If you can manage the quick stream of numbers, then buy more of them or else clench to only 2-3 cards.

Manage your bankroll – As always play within your means and step away from the game before making any foolish mistakes or bets.

Join Bingo Communities – Nothing can replace the actual experience and tips that you can get from joining the Bingo communities. Learn from the experts on ways, tips and pointers of playing the online Bingo.

Bingo is all set to gain widespread popularity

The jump from a strictly land based game to the online world has taken some time for Bingo. But, it’s worth the long wait for the casinos. The changing player demographics have resulted in a lot of young people from all walks of life, playing the online Bingo games.

It’s now needed to retain the same momentum by offering the players many more variations in theme and the prize money. There is only so much that you can do with the gameplay of online Bingo. They need to think of new and innovative ways to retain the players and stop them from moving to the exciting and fast paced slots and other casino games.

The large number of players playing on their mobile devices is the much needed impetus for the casinos to make their Bingo games, compatible with the mobile platforms. It is needed to tap the large player base.

Bingo’s future looks bright and will continue to attract large number of players. Play the Online Mobile Bingo games to have a memorable time from anywhere and at any time. Make it a quenching and rewarding time by winning the game prize from this extremely fast and quick online game!

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