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Blog Posted on 31/07/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Understand Bingo Facts & Play On Your Mobile

As a social event, Bingo games top the list. There is no game that enjoys more popularity than Bingo. Enjoying a round of Bingo is the favourite pastime for both the young and old. There are loads of Bingo facts and trivia that will keep the Bingo fans interested. Here are some quick facts that you can shoot out to your fellow players in between the games.

Dry Historical Bingo Facts and Trivia

Most of the stuff mentioned here is just a retelling of the history of the Bingo timeline. Take a look at the Bingo facts and trivia compiled here at Vegas Mobile Casino just for you. Show off your Bingo Facts And Trivia knowledge with these titbits.

  • he first time Bingo was used as a fund raising event was in Pennsylvania.
  • The first known early version of Bingo was an Italian lottery game “Lo Giuco del Lotto d’Italia”. This version of Bingo was seen during the late 18th century.
  • The 18th century Germans went creative and used the lotto as an educational tool to teach kids about maths, science and other subjects.
  • The Bingo was popularised in the US by Edwin. S. Lowe, a toy salesman.
  • A mathematician, Carl Leffler at C made a collection of 6,000 unique Bingo cards for the first time. He reportedly went insane after this exercise, though there is no actual confirmation.
  • The game was called Beano because dry beans were used to cover the called numbers. A mistake in calling out “Beano” as “Bingo” by an excited woman renamed the game. The name stuck.

Modern Bingo facts and trivia

A known fact is that Bingo has gone from the ancient nondescript game to be the most addictive and enjoyable game. Mentioned below are the facts and trivia that are more modern and recent.

  • Research conducted states the top reason why people play Bingo is for the social and entertainment aspect rather than the winning part of it.
  • Average game of Bingo lasts from 3 to 6 minutes. Lesser time means more Bingo games to play.
  • Bingo is played in nearly 90% of the world making it the most played games.
  • It’s called as “housie” in Australia
  • Playing Bingo reportedly enhances memory power, observational skills and speed.
  • Typically average age of the Bingo players is 40’s. The online popularity of the Bingo Facts And Trivia has made fans of Bingo play from all walks of life. It includes young and old.
  • The winning percentage of Bingo Facts And Trivia games stand at around 96%. This means most of the players have won the jackpot or prizes at some point of the games.
  • A game of fun Bingo can be based on any theme – movies, entertainment, arts, education, music and numbers.
  • The flabby underside of arms is often termed humorously as bingo wings.
  • Bingo players are mostly women, constituting about nearly 70% of the total players.
  • Nearly 200 clubs are linked together to play the National Bingo Game everyday twice except on Christmas Day.
  • Till now, the prize money distributed by the National Bingo Game is over £1Billion.
  • Going by popular demographics, in general the Bingo players are all animal lovers.
  • Bingo players tend to be superstitious preferring a particular chair, dress or attire. Anything which brought them luck in previous games is repeated here.
  • Online Bingo chat rooms are filled with weird and funny terms which makes sense only if have a grasp of it. Some of the common Bingo terms used are: lol (laughing out loud), ltr (later), gr8 (great), cu (see you) among others.
  • It’s better to play the online Bingo games rather than the traditional ones if making money is your objective. You can make use of the no deposit bonuses and special promotions.
  • Nothing irritates the players more than a called “bingo” which turns out to be wrong.
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