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Blog Posted on 17/05/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

BT Billing – Step-wise Guide to Deposit at Mobile Casinos

If you are still confused on what method to pick to make deposits on Vegas Mobile Casino, here is another great option for you! Now you can use BT billing mobile to make deposits. What is BT? Well, if you live in the UK, you ought to know about it! It is a leading network provider, and now you can make deposits using it, and the amount will be added to your monthly bill. Isn’t that great?

How to Use BT Billing Mobile to Deposit?

The best part about using BT is that there are no extra charges to avail this service! The amount you choose to deposit will be added to your monthly bill, so you need not even worry about it now. How to go about it? Read on:

  • Go to the payments section on Vegas Mobile Casino, and click on ‘Deposit by BT Bill’.

  • Now, you will get an option to enter a number. Enter your BT phone number here.
  • A number will be generated, and you will have to make a call to that number using your BT phone.
  • A pre-recorded voice will guide you through the rest of the process over the phone.
  • There, you will be asked for your phone number to verify the transaction.
  • The transaction will then take place while you will be on the phone. You will be informed as soon as the amount is transferred to the casino account.
  • You can now enjoy your favourite casino games!

Some Pros and Cons..

While there are many advantages of using BT billing mobile, there are a few drawbacks too. Like any other payment option, you must make your choice wisely. But it is safe to say that BT billing mobile is one of the safest options to make online deposits to the casino account, even for the most paranoid players out there!

Pros of Using BT Billing Mobile

  • No setup is required here. There is no procedure of configuration or activation here! All you need is a working BT connection, and you are good to go. It cannot get any more convenient!
  • You do not even require a bank account or a credit card to use BT billing method. All the deposits you make will come to you as your monthly phone bill.
  • It is the best in terms of security! There are no chances of fraud because all you need here is your phone number! With no bank involved, you can be relaxed about it.
  • It puts a limit to how much you can deposit. This makes the mad-gambler in you under control!

Cons of Using BT Billing Mobile

  • It can be a slow process to make deposits. The casino generally takes a minute to transfer an amount of £1.50. So, if you depositing an amount of £15, it can take you up to 10 minutes to do so, and you will have to be on the phone for that much time.
  • Deposit limits are also a drawback for some people. The limit set by Vegas Mobile Casino for depositing via BT can be a little less for regular players.
  • Withdrawing money is also a challenge here. You may either go for withdrawals via bank accounts or opt for cheques.

Depositing via BT bills is nevertheless a great way to make deposits on Vegas Mobile Casino! You can enjoy your favourite slots and casino games by depositing via this method and do not worry about your bank balance taking a toll!

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