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Blog Posted on 22/10/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Cashbacks – How Does it Work?

It’s all about the money after all! From traditional casinos to online casinos, everyone looks forward to earning and winning on every bet they make, and when you get rewarded for just being a part of it, it is probably the best deal! That’s what the Cashbacks are all about. A type of a motivation given to gamblers of online casino, Cashback is basically rebates in the form of money.

Cashbacks are a gambler’s best friend!

Friends are always there to support and motivate, and Cashbacks do exactly the same thing! Most online casinos give these to their loyal and regular users as a warm gesture, to keep the spirits of gambling high and players stick on to their site. Of course there are certain requirements to be eligible for a cashback, because it is not that everyone can be made to feel special.

There are many types of cashback offers that go around, some depend on the frequency of use of the online portal, some depend on the amount deposited, and some on the wagered amount by the player. The most common one is Welcome Bonus. It is a very minimal amount given by an online casino site to its new users, because it is good to give a warm welcome to the newest family members. Similar to this is also the first deposit bonus in the form of a cashback. These are generally 100% of the amount that is deposited the first time in the casino’s account, of course with a limit. The limit to a first deposit cashback is generally set between £200 and £250, which is fairly a good amount.

Then there are many deposit cashback bonuses, these offers are very seasonal and come on and off on a portal. Since weekdays become slow for the casinos, to drive more rush to the portal, many sites offer exciting cashbacks on weekdays. Like 30% cashback on Tuesdays, or any other day of the week. This keeps the number of players on a rise during weekdays as well.

Useful or not?

Of course they are useful! The players get an opportunity to play more, gamble more and put high bets on slots and other casino games where their gut feeling is strong. Even if you lose out on some of it, there is no guilt you have about it, after all, it was a reward! And some casinos even offer cashbacks on certain losses! This is just to keep the player motivated, and to pass on the message of not losing hope. These cashbacks on losses are the comforting shoulder anyone would need after a loss. Of course they come with limits as well, because the idea is to motivate and not to make the player care-free!

They are not a compulsion, but who wants to refuse them anyway! If a player does not wish to avail them, they can simply opt out of it as well. But the human psychology is such that a little reward is must to keep a player going! Every cashback also comes with certain terms and conditions, before you put them to use, go through each and every point to avoid any hassles in your gaming experience. A wise gambler will always look out for cashbacks, but not make them as priority. Cashbacks certainly give a positive push to a player to overcome a certain part of a loss, if incurred. But they are not to be mistaken as earnings and the ultimate rewards. The focus must always, at all times, be on the biggest Jackpot!

Vegas Mobile Casino has innumerable casino bonuses which are beneficial to its players and cashbacks are truly the cash earned on cash spent!

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