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Blog Posted on 11/12/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Casino Bonuses for Players

Sign Up & Get Casino Bonuses at Vegas Mobile Casino

The booming online gambling industry is a huge money making machine. Everyday innumerable online casinos are open with tempting offers that are too good to be true. Any online casino worth its salt will increase its online presence through the innumerable Casino Bonuses, offers and promotions. In particular the Deposit Bonuses offered in the Vegas Mobile Casino play a major part in its ongoing success.

For most of the players it’s essential to wade through the facts and figures to zoom onto the right online casino. One way is to look at the Casino Bonuses and promotional offers that they are announcing. Bonuses or free money is an investment by the casinos to make the players to come back online and keep playing.

Casino Bonuses

Demystifying Casino Bonuses

Knowledge is power. The players should know all the facts about why the online casinos are giving away free money. What is the reason behind this seemingly selfless action? Well the truth is they want you to keep coming back and spend more money in the hope of that big win. It is an incentive for the players to check out their website, online games, various promotions, banking options available.

Before pledging your real money at the casinos, check out the different types of Casino Bonuses that they offer. Sign up only after reading the terms and conditions.

History of Slots

Types of Casino Bonuses

The most popular and widely used by online casinos such as Vega Mobile Casino is the Welcome Bonus. It is meant exclusively for the new players to sign up at their casinos. It’s also the most lucrative one for the players with every casino offering generous bonuses.

At Vegas Mobile Casino your account will be credited with a free £5 pound as a Welcome Bonus for registering with us instantly! Also referred to as the No-Deposit Bonus, this is for the new players to play any one of the 20+ mobile slots for free. You can withdraw the winnings as per the wagering requirements.

The other Casino Bonuses at Vegas Mobile Casino are the different Matching Deposit Bonuses. The registered players are given a matching amount up to a certain limit for making a deposit. To get this bonus all the players need to do is make a deposit.

First Deposit Bonus – The player gets a 100% first deposit bonus amount up to £150. If the player makes a first deposit of say £100, then his account is credited with the same £100 matching amount from us.

Second Deposit Bonus – The player gets a 100% second deposit bonus amount up to £50. Retaining the players to make them continue playing here at the Vegas Mobile Casino, we will match the second deposit of the players with a matching double the amount. A deposit of £50 will get a matching £50 amount credited to the player’s account.

Third Deposit Bonus – The player gets a 100% third deposit bonus amount up to £25. For their continued loyalty, the players will get a matching amount of up to £25 after making their third deposit.

There are other types of Casino Bonuses that are offered by the Vegas Mobile Casino. All the bonuses are subject to the terms and conditions of the casino. Always read them before making a deposit.

Referral Bonus – Get your friends to play online at Vegas Mobile Casino and earn a Referral Bonus of £20. Each referral will get an invite to join us. If they accept and make a deposit, your account gets a £20 credit from us. There is no limit to the number of referrals you make. Every successful deposit from them will earn extra money for you.

Cash Back Bonus – Sometimes your luck may not hold and you are on a losing streak. Here we have regular cashback promotions running where you will receive a cash-back up to £100 credited to your account within 72 hours.

Loyalty Bonus – Every time the players wager real money, they earn loyalty points which can be redeemed as cash money. As part of the VIP Programme, this is a useful tool to reward the players for their continued patronage.

Whichever type of Casino Bonuses that is offered, all of them are subject to the terms and conditions of the casino. Always read them before making a deposit or withdrawing. There are certain wagering requirements which vary according to the casinos. It is also subject to changes according to the casinos.

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