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Blog Posted on 26/08/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Casino floors are an attraction to millennials: A preview

Casino floors are an attraction to millennials: A preview

The casinos are changing with the demographics of the people who visit casinos and the primary reasons. A report shows that millennials are the largest generation in America and approximately 1/3 of the American population.

The average slot player is now over 50 years old, as they were born before the advent of mobile devices, PlayStation, and Xbox games.

Many slot machine regulations predate the internet. Analysts agree that one must update regulations to keep up with the times. This will allow casinos to offer more services to younger generations.

Already, Big Changes are afoot, and there will be more

MGM Resorts International CEO says that “the slot floors you see today will not be there in 10 years.” As a result, many casinos are reducing the number of slot games rather than increasing their total. 

This is to make room for more popular table games and open up new restaurants and lounges. The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas opened with 1,500 slot machines in 2011. It has since decreased to 1,300 and increased its table games to 77.

The new machines are often very different from those your grandparents and parents used. There will be fewer old-school machines around and many newer ones.

Traditional Slot Machines are a Turnoff to Young People

Traditional slot machines are not popular with young people because the outcome is entirely dependent on luck. Instead, they are more comfortable playing casino games that they have played online, on tablets, smartphones, and skills involved.

This is especially true if they can compete with other players. Manufacturers of game products envision the ability to offer games that allow players to use their phones to see where they are compared to other players.

Millennials prefer to be in a social setting, where they can interact with others and have more interaction with them than sitting at a computer.

Tomorrow’s Slot Machines

Future slot machines will look more like video games than the latest models. The new machines will include a chair that can rock like an arcade ride or mechanical bull.

You will see more machines of enormous size, with animated touchscreens and videos of famous TV stars, celebrities, and movie characters. In addition, if state regulators approve the possibility of including slot machines with an enhanced element of skill, expect to see giant leaderboards that display the names of top competitors.

Gamblit Gaming’s CEO Eric sees the casino floor as a modern-day arcade for adults. Gamblit Gaming has developed games that could use in such a setting and is waiting to get the green light to casinos.

An animated adventure called “Police Pooches vs Zombie Cats” is one example. Players battle zombie cats throughout different periods with the assistance of police canines.

Many believe once arcade-style machines that offer some skill are made available in casinos on an extensive scale, with Nevada, New Jersey, and other states leading the charge, there will be a ripple effect not only within the U.S. but also around the world.

Casino floors are an attraction to millennials: A preview

A new trend is smaller casinos

These new casinos are expected to be small and will continue to grow. The newest casinos will not be as large as the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Instead, they will be smaller and more intimate. For example, the Cromwell on the Vegas Strip opened in 2014 to replace Bill’s Gambling Hall.

SLS Las Vegas is a relatively new casino on the Strip. It opened in August 2014 at the same spot where the Sahara Hotel & Casino used to be. The new property, which includes the casino floor, is very similar to its predecessor and has little to no resemblance. 

The Sahara casino was a 60,000-square-foot casino that featured 1,070 video poker and slot machines. However, there were only 56 table games. The SLS casino is smaller at 60,000 square feet. It has 800 slot machines and more than 70 table game options.

Another difference is the careful planning of how gaming and other activities are overlapping. For example, some shops and restaurants open onto a casino floor which winds in many directions.

The club has a restaurant lounge and one of its bars. There are also table games on the premises. A casino sportsbook connects to a burger joint and a beer garden.

Casino Gambling will become more social

Many believe that casinos will make big changes to their lounges in the future. For example, flat touchscreen gaming tables will be more common in casino lounges. This will allow players to place their drinks on the table.

A bar and huge video boards will be located around the tables. These changes reflect the current trend of combining gambling and non-gambling activities into one area. Instead, they will combine by adding food service, bars, and lounges to the casino floor.

Many refer to some casinos that have opened lounges similar to the ones described. Encore Players Club at Wynn Las Vegas is one example. You can play all the classic table games as well as sports betting.

If you prefer, players can also try their luck with real money or play money at an interactive table that offers various other games. You can also play pool or shuffleboard or enjoy a drink while you chat with other players in the lounge.

Other casinos are also discovering that lounges that offer gambling and non-gaming activities within the same area may be worth the investment. But, again, this is exactly the kind of amenity that young people love.

Atlantic City’s Resorts Casino spent $400,000 to create an iGaming lounge right off its casino floor. The lounge attracts a lot of younger people, with most being under 30. They can sit down on a couch and order drinks while socializing and playing various games on their smartphones or large touchscreens.

Senior Vice President at The Fine Point Group in Las Vegas says that the future casinos will feature more social games. Server-based games will also become more popular as slot game makers focus on creating themes and titles that appeal to millennials.

The physical cabinet or station will not change. However, players will choose which game they want to play and if they wish to compete with other players.

The owners have changed many things on the casino floor

Casinos are evolving with the times. The casinos of tomorrow will look very different from the casinos of 20 years ago. However, don’t expect them to change completely. You will find the same table games casinos offer for many years, as well as many of your favourite slot games.

Senior Vice-President of Product Development at Scientific Games says that traditional slot games are unlikely to disappear any time soon. On the contrary, these games are loved by many who have enjoyed them for years.

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