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Blog Posted on 02/07/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Casino Movie – A List of All The True Events Featured

One of the most famous movies made in the gambling industry was the Casino Movie. It was released in 1995 and starred Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. It is one of the movies based on real-life events and was inspired by the story of Frank Rosenthal, who was also known as Lefty. Although some of the real-life events were changed for dramatic purposes, most of the storyline is real. Here are some significant scenes and plots in Casino Movie that were based on real life.

True Events Featured in the Casino Movie

The Casino Movie Cast Was Based On Real Life

All the cast members of the Casino Movie are based on the real-life character. Sam Rothstein, who is the main character, is based on Frank Rosenthal. The other real-life characters were Ginger McKenna who was based on Geri McGee, Phillip Green was based on Allen Glick, and the character of Nicky Santoro was Anthony Spilotro. The names were different, but the characteristic traits were similar in most cases.

The Real-Life Rosenthal Actually In A Car Bombing

The car bombing scene in the Casino movie does not look like it could have happened in real life, but it did happen to Rothstein. He survived the car bombing because he was lucky that the metal stabilisation plate under his driver seat shielded him during the attack.

Rosenthal Did Not Have A Gaming Licence In Real Life

Yes, Rosenthal did manage the casinos, but he did not have a gaming licence. Since he was a part of the mob, it was risky for him to get an actual gambling licence to save him for security reasons. He revealed all of this during the hearing and also showed how the legal process at that time was extremely corrupt.

Spilotro and Geri Had An Affair

Love affairs in the movies are usually put in for entertainment purposes. However, in the Casino movie, the exciting love triangle was real. McKenna, Rothstein and Santoro were involved in a love triangle where Rothenein’s ex-wife had an affair with Santoro.

Geri’s Death Happened Due To Drug Overdose

Rosenthal has been portrayed as really close to his wife, and his wife’s death was one of the most tragic events in life. Just like the movie, she died of a drug overdose.

Just Like The Movie, Some Of The Murders Actually Happened

The movie was packed with action sequences and showed a lot of murders. Some of these murders, including executives that worked in the casino, did happen. He was hunted down and was killed in his house at Costa Rica.

Anthony Spilotro and His Brother Were Killed and Buried in Indiana

The car bombing in the movie leads to the mob being suspicious that Spilotro has some part in it and he, along with his brother, are hunted down and buried alive in a cornfield. They were buried alive in a cornfield in Indiana allegedly by mobsters.

If you want to watch a real-life action and suspense-packed story, watch the Casino movie. It’s thrilling and the life of Frank Rosenthal seems nothing but unreal.

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