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Blog Posted on 18/06/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Casino Roulette Goes To The Movies

Picture this scene in any of the thousands of movies featuring a casino. Bright lights, massive chandeliers, sounds of falling chips, rolling dies, shuffling of cards is a typical casino Roulette scenario with the hero and the villain having a showdown in the casino.

Right from the black and white to the colour movies, there is a certain glamour, rich taste and allure that can’t beat a casino scene. And the roulette holds the centre stage for the right reasons. Either as a pivotal scene or the catalyst for the movie plot, you will find innumerable references throughout the movie history for the Roulette wheel.

Down the Memory Lane for the Casino Roulette Scenes

It’s a perfect setting for putting up your legs and watching a late night run of the classics. Admittedly there are not many casino roulette scenes in the movies. But the first one that comes to mind is the evergreen love story, Casablanca (1942).

The casino roulette scene makes a tiny appearance, but is quite significant to the story line. Set during the World War, Casablanca was the exit point for the thousands of refugees escaping the war. Played by the exceptional Humphrey Bogart, a casino owner who rigs his roulette wheel to help a couple win enough money for the exit passage, it marked the pivotal point of the entire movie.

Run Lola Run (1998), is best remembered for the fast paced action surrounding the red haired heroine winning the roulette money within 20 minute, to save her boyfriend for the thugs. This movie will definitely give you a big adrenaline rush, right from the start. The finale hinges on the casino roulette scene, where she lands the winning number and saves the day.

James Bond can never forgo a game of cards. But even he succumbed to the unpredictable and dicey casino roulette in Diamonds Are Forever (1971). He eventually wins the game and moves on to his favourite cards. This shows that, not even the 007 secret agent is immune to the thrills of the roulette wheel.

The Croupier (1998) is the best movie which used casino roulette as a metaphor for a struggling writer’s descent into the dark and unpredictable world of the casinos. Unable to finish his book, he takes up the job of a croupier for inspiration and winds up falling in love with one of his patrons. Plotting to cheat the casino of its millions, it’s the noir film depicting the spiralling path of corruption and deceit that drives people.

The Deer Hunter (1978) has the famous Russian Roulette scene. But it has become such a standard scenario that it’s holds a top spot for any movie climax scene. Almost synonym with this is the Deer Hunter (1978) drama set during the Vietnam War. A gut wrenching scene filled with dread, watch the scene, where the Vietnamese capture the US soldiers and thrust a revolver with a single bullet in it to their forehead. Forced to pull the trigger, which will decide their fate, it is the best iconic scenes that will remain forever.

We just brought you a trailer of the casino roulette scenes that have made their appearance in the movies. Fans will love watching the casino scenes. If not, for their favourite actors, but for the thrill and excitement from watching roulette wheels spin and add to the movie plot. Go ahead, grab the popcorn and binge on the fantastic movie scenes.

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