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Blog Posted on 02/02/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Common Roulette Mistakes

Mobile Roulette is one of the most popular mobile casino games other than slots, scratch cards and more. The game is quite easy to grasp. Roulette mistakes can be potentially fatal. Though making money in Roulette is not really tough, people tend to get carried away and exceed their limits losing a lot more than they won. Making mistakes while playing Roulette is not something that is limited to new players though they are the ones who commonly do. Even experienced players can lose their grip and this is the most common mistake. Given below are some of the most common mistakes and practices that people do that can potentially cause a bankrupt.

Never get carried away:

Yes playing Roulette is easy, and yes you made a lot of money out of it. But these are not excuses to exceed your bet limits. Always decide what you are going to spend on a game before you get started. Most people decide bets impulsively and this is one of the biggest Roulette mistakes ever.

European Roulette are always better:

American Roulette maybe offering you a ton lot of perks outside the Roulette table. But the fact that they have a 00 in the Roulette table gives the house much better odds.

Common Roulette Mistakes

Never follow the purchased system:

Some smart people believe that just because you got 10 straight blacks, the 11th one is sure to be a red and dump all their bets on it. The Roulette table has no memory and every play has a 50:50 chance. So the best thing to do is to stick to your instincts and not follow seemingly “smart” logic as it is one of the worst Roulette mistakes ever.

Bet on more than one number:

Maybe you have a lucky number or maybe mommy told you to bet on a specific number, but the roulette table does not know this and will never know it and this is another common one of the many Roulette mistakes. It is sane to play safe. So never bet on just a number and pray to god for help. Bet on more than one number, probably equally distributed to even out your odds of winning.

Never stick to a single betting system:

Another “smart” strategy is to unwaveringly stick to a single betting system no matter how obvious it is that you will lose a ton of money by doing so. This is another one of the common Roulette mistakes. If you see that a betting system is not working for you, then change it! There are no rules that you should stick to just one. The game is all about instincts!

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