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Blog Posted on 27/08/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Complexity Of Card Shuffler Machines In Casinos

Human dealers at land-based casinos are old news now with the card shuffling machines replacing them at the blackjack tables. Yes, you read that right! Several land-based casinos are doing this to avoid dealers having stress issues due to repetitive shuffling, to avoid dealers shuffling it in a biased way, to disrupt the technique of card counting which some players use and many such reasons. So, what exactly is a card shuffler machine and what are its complexities, keep reading to find out!

The Complexity Of Card Shuffling Machines In Casinos

All about Card Shuffler Machines

As the name suggests card shuffler machines are designed to shuffle cards automatically to present the ultimate random sequence every time it does. Currently, card shuffling machines come in awesome shapes and several different sizes which are being used at the casinos across the globe. But all these machines are divided into two basic types. These are as follows:

  • Standard Automatic Card Shuffler Machine: These shuffling machines work to process the entire shuffling affair quick while avoiding any kind of cheating that might occur at the hands of dealers. Standard shuffling machines shuffle and randomise an entire deck of cards in one go.
  • Continuous Card Shuffler Machine: These are the card shuffler machine that works continuously to present new random shuffled cards. During the gameplay, after every round, cards are added to these machines, so they shuffle them thoroughly to give altogether the most random and fresh sequence of cards. These machines are similar to the ones used at the online casinos that make use of random number generator in the Blackjack game.

Does Card Shuffling Machine Affect the House Edge in the game of Blackjack?

For some of the card-counting experts, playing with card shuffling machines pose a real drawback since it is impossible to count the cards. This is why the rumours of the card shuffling machines affecting the house edge adversely are on the rise. But do they affect? Let’s find out.

To get straight to the point, for any normal player, card shuffling machines are somewhat advantageous. They are known to increase the players’ odds of winning theoretically. This is because the Blackjack gaming charts are set based on the idea that the game is being played with a 52 cards full deck. Playing with these machines also take out the effect of ‘cut card’ where players are required to play with only a few cards of the deck left in the game. Even the computer simulation has shown positive results for the players with the use of these machines.

Altogether, card shuffling machines are good news for both the players are the casino owners for its authentic working process.

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