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Blog Posted on 24/05/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Different Patterns in Mobile Phone Bingo

One of the most widely played games online are the mobile phone bingo, and since it has been here for a long time, people have fairly come up with ideas of the pattern bingo follows. There are dozens of patterns known already to players, and the passionate and more experienced bingo fanatics have come up with even better, complicated and hard to follow patterns! Same patterns are hardly ever repeated. So, the more you know, the better is for you! Let us look at some of them!

Patterns You Might Notice While Playing Mobile Phone Bingo


  • T Pattern

This pattern clearly forms a T shape on the bingo card. While it can be seen as an erect capital T on the card, there are also instances when the T is seen to its side or even upside down. This is probably the easiest one to recognise.

  • Straight Line Patterns

This is another easily recognisable one. The player simply needs to cover 5 numbers in a row – vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally! This goes same for one-line, two-line, and even three-line bingos. In the latter two cases, the lines need not be in the same direction as well. One can be horizontal, while other can be vertical.

  • Line Combo Patterns

Now this is something interesting! There can be patterns where you will need your creative side to come out. Whether you have to make a railroad track with two parallel lines – vertically or horizontally; or you need to form a cross with two diagonal lines, the creativity has no end here too!

  • Lucky 7

You might have already guessed this one! When you see the number 7 being formed on the grid, you know it is going to be lucky! Top line horizontally and a diagonal line from top right to bottom left forms the number 7 pattern.

  • Picture-Frame Pattern

Covering all the edges of the mobile phone bingo card is the picture frame pattern. There is another version of this where the frame is made of alternate numbers being marked around the edge, this pattern is called the Broken Picture Frame.

  • Diamond Pattern

Go back to the time where you would recite the famous nursery rhyme and make a diamond with your hands. That is exactly the shape of this pattern.

  • Postage Stamp Pattern

Imagine an envelope with a postage stamp on it. It sits on the top right corner. That is exactly the pattern we are talking about. Forming a square on the top right corner of the mobile phone bingo card is a single postage stamp pattern, and the one with squares on all the corners is the Postage Stamp Pattern.

  • Snake Pattern

This is the most interesting pattern you will ever come across! It consists of a zigzag pattern where 5 squares line on the top edge resembling a snake travelling across.

The above-mentioned patterns are the most common ones that you will find on mobile phone bingo. If you are passionate about bingo, then you might have some more patterns in mind too! Rock the Bingo!

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