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Blog Posted on 19/04/2022 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Etiquette Rules at the Craps Tables

Gambling is a tradition that has existed for hundreds of centuries. You don’t have to adhere to all the rules and traditions of each game you play, but it can make it easier to make new friends.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the rules for your selection of casino games. The majority are informal, and if you break any of them, someone will give you a gentle push before making a big mistake.

It’s still a good idea to learn basic gambling etiquette before going to a casino or other public venue to play. 

Here are rules of craps etiquette. These rules are simple and easy to remember, and they will help you avoid acting as if this is your first visit to a casino.

Why craps? Craps, out of all the casino games, seems to have more traditions than other games. It seemed like a great place to start a discussion about gambling etiquette.

Follow the Instructions

You should know that craps tables can get quite crazy if you have never tried it. Most of you will have witnessed the excitement surrounding a craps table in a casino. 

Although craps can be fun, there are many moving parts, and it can be confusing to know when to place your bets or roll the dice due to all the moving parts.

The best thing to do is to follow the instructions given by the dealer at the table. Pay attention to their physical and verbal cues. 

It is fine to ask the dealer for clarification if you are unsure what to do. It is important to follow all instructions given to you at the table, which will prevent you from causing anger to the dealer or your tablemates.

Take the dice quickly

Make sure you are quick when it comes time to throw the dice at the craps tables. Dealers and craps players don’t like when it takes too long for someone to throw the dice, which will ensure that you don’t upset your tablemates.

We know that different players have different strategies and good luck. Before you shoot the dice, it is important to understand this. 

You’ll need to complete your routine quickly, and you will resent the dealer and your fellow tablemates if you take too long through the pre-shooting portion.

You can always look at how long each person takes to finish their turn, and you can always follow their lead and do the same. If your routine is too slow, you might have to speed it up or reduce its length.

Do not put things on the Craps table

Avoid putting things on top of the craps tables. There is a railing that can protect your arms and hands, and there is no need to place anything on top of the table.

You’re likely to have seen everything if you’ve ever played craps at a casino. People have placed drinks, ashtrays and purses on the table. 

There is always the risk of items being dropped into the play area, which could lead to dissatisfaction among your fellow players and your dealer.

You can also use the shelf underneath the table. You can store anything you don’t want to use on the table. This shelf can store ashtrays, drinks, or any other items. 

You can store things under the table to reduce the chance of them being knocked into play and causing havoc.

Place your bets on Time and Quickly

Players aren’t fond of waiting at a craps table. Make sure you make your bets on time. Although we don’t recommend that you bet immediately, it’s not a good idea to wait to decide what to do.

You should always think about what your next bet will look like. Consider how much money you would like to bet on this bet. You’ll be able to place your next bet quickly if you plan. You’ll be a hero to your tablemates and the dealer for your quick actions.

The dealer can help you decide when to place your bets. It is better to ask the dealer than to assume something. If in doubt, do not place a bet. It is not a good idea to place a bet when it is not time.


We hope you found something useful in our blog about craps etiquette. This is a great blog to help you learn how to play craps, and these tips will help you blend in with other players and the dealer. All the best for your future craps adventures.

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