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Blog Posted on 18/12/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Everything You Should Know About The New Scratch Cards Online

Everything You Should Know About The New Scratch Cards Online

There are many scratchers than the real number of gamblers and casino freaks. Earlier these scratch cards were something that you could take by paying some $5, from the reception desk of a casino. But now, scratch cards are available in a variety of forms. No matter whether it is a game or not. You can get scratch cards from even retail shops, which provides people with attractive gifts.

The technological advancements have even brought new scratch cards online. Now, rather than being in a queue, at a reception desk, you can grab your scratch cards from wherever you want. This became possible only because of online scratch card games. New scratch cards online are available with greater ease. Most of the times, you can have a scratch card for free. You can even go practising scratching. Scratch cards are thus available online. The variety of those available online is also increasing day by day. Every month some 30 new games are getting added to the existing list. The scratch cards that these online casinos provide you are virtual ones. So what you are actually doing is scratching on a virtually generated one.

The types of new scratch cards online vary.  Here are those variants and their speciality.

Licensed scratchers

Licensed scratchers are the scratch cards that are available online with a licensed theme. This may be a movie, comic, TV show or anything that already exists. The programmers adopt those particular themes from their creators by purchasing adequate licenses. Here in this type of scratcher, you play in a classic format.

Bingo scratch cards

These are one of the new scratch cards online, that uses the theme of the Bingo card game. These Bingo scratch cards are played similar to that of the real bingo card game which includes a bridge deck of 52 cards. Rather than going for the match of winning symbols, here you scratch for a particular winning number combination, from a larger grid of fields. It has a number of grids in which you scratch upon.

Casino scratch cards

We all know about those games that offer larger stakes and wins. So what if these games get zipped into single piece scratch cards? It will be very funny. So the casino scratch cards are those scratch cards that are derived from these casino games. Actually, this type of scratch cards is based on casino games like Blackjack, Roulette etc. This type of scratcher offers the player the advantage of scratching along with giving the feel of the real casino games. Since these are all online, this adds to getting those multiple feels simultaneously to the comfort of the gameplay.

Scratch card games

This is a type of scratchers among the new scratch cards online that offers a bit more complex way to scratch. Here you need to play a game and win it, to get a scratch card. This is not just grabbing a card and scratching it. This type is coined with giving the player the pleasure of scratching as well as gaming. A good game will increase enthusiasm in the player. This will get recharged when they get a scratch card. This is like the idea of conquering something. Here the player has to conquer a scratch card rather than just keep scratching.

Automated scratch cards

Here in this type of scratch cards, the scratching is done automatically. You don’t necessarily need to scratch here. What you have to do is to just keep on hitting the bet button. That’s all. According to me, this is a bit awkward type among the new scratch cards online, as it does not give the player, the pleasure of scratching.

Lottery scratch cards

These are exactly similar to the offline lotteries. If you win, you are guaranteed to get a larger prize. Here you have to match with a specific combination to grab the victory. The only difference between online and offline lotteries is that online lotteries are available virtually.

The major advantage of these new scratch cards online is that, instead of spending some money for a ticket that we will throw away in less than a minute, this allows you to keep on scratching and testing your luck without actually paying. The prize for winning is the same in both these offline and online scratch cards.

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