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Blog Posted on 18/09/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

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Vegas Mobile Casino is quite active on the social media circuit. The biggest perk of getting the attention of the thousands of active mobile casino players is making them play on their mobile devices.

You can implement any number of strategies to make them try out the mobile casino games. The best way of doing this is to draw their attention of the players to the Vegas Mobile Casino’s social networking sites.

Google+ is more of a network based media where, you are targeting specific group of people whose interests are aligned with your brand or casino promotions. It is similar to Twitter or Pinterest where, your tastes determine whether you want to join a particular group or not.

You need to be quick and fast in getting your promotions, offers and exclusive bonuses posted in the Vegas Mobile Casino’s Google Plus page. Take a look at the page and you’ll know what I am talking about. Almost every day, there is a post about what’s new and happening at the Vegas Mobile Casino.

You are bombarded with thousands of posts everyday about the new games, bonus offers and promotions, which are updated regularly. The players, who have joined the Vegas Mobile Casino’s G+ page, are able to use the various bonus offers, promotions and news that are available to them round the clock.

The number of posts that are posted is varied, funny and quite informative to the players. Adding them on the G+ page, will give greater exposure to your brands value and help you put across your information across.

The benefits of using G+ over the other social media network are:

1. Make use of keywords and SEO optimised content in your G+ posts.

Although G+ is not directly influenced by the SEO, making your promotional offers and content SEO friendly will directly show up during the organic searches. So if players are logged into their G+ accounts, any of their comments and posts about the offers will be shown on the Vegas Mobile Casino’s homepage.

2. Make sure of the people who join your G+ community

There are basically two groups of people who will do the honours of sharing your posts in their own circles. The influencers are those who have great potential for making the people in their circle to try out the new games, bonuses, exclusive offers and promotions.

They can greatly make your player base increase. It could be any of the following: a potential player, a new supplier or game developers, a highly influential thought leader.

The evangelist on the other hand, is one who might not directly influence your actions. They will share your content in the social media, thus making your brand stand out. So it is ideal to have both types of people in your Google plus circles.

3. Unlimited number of posts

It is a known fact that there is no limit to the number of characters that your posts can have. Unlike the Facebook and Twitter, you can create your own story boards with videos, high quality images, gifs, pngs and other promotional materials.

The quality of the posts and its content is highly interlinked. The higher quality content which you post Google will index it more often to your website and page rank it higher in the search results. Plus, the G+ profiles that you create for the Vegas mobile Casino having links are treated as web pages. So it increases your web page ranking.

4. Connect with your players through events

Google+ Players can now connect with any of the various events and promotional offers that VMC has been running during their campaigns. Since they synced with their calendar events, they can easily avail the promo codes, newsletters, offers before they expire.

Google+ doesn’t allow contests, but you can link to external sites, which are focussed on the providing them. This is a great way for connecting to a large untapped player base.

Having so many benefits, it’s a natural way to connect to the players of Vegas Mobile Casino. Join our growing Google+ community for the exclusive offers and promotional bonuses.

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