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Blog Posted on 03/11/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Fascinating Facts about Online Double Bonus Poker

Online Double Bonus Poker is one of the fascinating casino games available online. The number of players playing this version of Poker is staggering, but very few tend to understand the rules and regulations as they ideally should. The various intricacies related to the online Double Bonus Poker are mentioned in the article, to help you ace the game.

Fascinating Facts about Online Double Bonus Poker

Online Double Bonus Poker: Hub Of Huge Wins

The game garners its name from the fact that it pays double the stake for four of a kind hand, in comparison to the bonus Poker. The main reason for the players preferring double bonus game is the greater payout it has to offer. Also, to facilitate the exclusive funds for four-of-a-kind hands, the return from the two pair is decreased from 2 for 1 to 1 for 1. The volatility of the game is affected in comparison to the bonus Poker. In simpler words, the increased volatility means a greater swing in the bankroll in short duration. Although the chances of losing are also increased, the chances of winning big are more in the online Double Bonus Poker.

Double Bonus Pay Schedules

Online Double Bonus Poker has a variety of pay schedules when compared to the bonus Poker or Jacks-or-Better. The important numbers to pay attention to while evaluating the pay schedule includes full house, flush and straight. The most popular DB games pay 10 coins for a full house, 7 for flush and 5 for straight (10/7/5). Thus, this game has an ER of 100.17%. All a player requires is a good gaming strategy.
The most commonly used coin payoff is 9/7/5 and 9/7/6. The ER for 9/7/6 game is 99.11% whereas the same for 9/7/5 is 97.81%. The other varieties have even lower ER and are strict to be avoided. The bonus Poker game requires only two numbers to represent the ER, but as mentioned, the double Poker game requires three numbers for the same. Also, the strategy adopted in 10/7/5 and 9/7/5 is similar. But the strategy changes on further reduction in the payoff.

Playing the Right Cards

When it comes to online double bonus Poker, selection of right hands becomes quite difficult, as the combinations are extremely different from those in the game of JOB or bonus Poker. One of the method to ace the trick is to practice playing the game at home with the help of commercial software available.
The strategy applied while playing 9/6 JOB can be implied for the 10/7/5 double bonus game. But expect the ER to fall from 100.17% to 99.63%. The main aim while playing double bonus game should have an ER of more than 100%.

Losses Facilitate Wins!

While indulging in a good online double bonus game, expect to lose more than to win. You are to strike one royal flush for every 48000 hands, which will compensate for all the loss. In Las Vegas particularly, the double bonus game is available in the denominations. However, this isn’t the case for full pay deuces wild.

With the tricks above, you’re all set to ace the online double bonus game!

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