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Blog Posted on 04/01/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Fascinating Facts About The Romanov Dynasty

Russia has been a place where people have experienced and lived with the most uncommon odds that destiny could impact on them. There were some of the most ridiculous incidences along with the most treacherous ones. But the ones that stand-off belongs to the Romanov Dynasty. The Romanov Dynasty came into power in 1613 after the country was under turmoil over who gets the throne and the ultimate power over all of Russia. The rule of this dynasty went over for another 300 years and was subjected to even more peculiar incidences and happenings that the kingdom could have witnessed.

Romanov Dynasty Facts

Here are Top 10 Facts about the Romanov Dynasty

10. Nicholas I had his own doubts regarding the Third Department (a secret police force for surveillance). This led to him setting foot on the street himself for spying. One such issue involved him visiting a school where he scolded the teacher for having ‘ugly-pupils’!

9. There were lot many assassinations attempts on the Tsars. Alexander II had 7 attempts on him. The 8th one landed and that was the last attempt on his life.

8. In Romanov Dynasty, assassination attempts were not just on the Tsars and their family. It is believed that Nicholas II and Alexandra held self-proclaimed holy man Rasputin, under high esteems. Several assassination attempts were made over Rasputin’s life as well. Finally, it wasn’t gunshot wounds or poisoning that took his life, but mere drowning that did.

7. When Nicholas II was made a Tsar, he wasn’t ready for the toll. Whenever asked for legal or jurisdiction advice, he used to say, “Ask my mother”.

6. Promiscuity wasn’t something that was unknown in the royal families of Romanov Dynasty. Catherine the Great had many young lovers; those that she maintained to have a relationship well up till her sixties. She died in her sixties and it is claimed that most of her lovers were half her age.

5. Peter the Great had a reputation of being promiscuous too. He is known to have had gonorrhoea!

4. Killing sprees were something that wasn’t alien to the Tsars and their families. Empress Anna was fond of firearms, and thus wild boars were brought in her estates for her to shoot openly at.

3. 2nd Tsar Alexis was known to have a mild and gentle demeanour until he tortured a peasant who was associated with leading a failed attempt at revolt.

2. Peter the Great had an affinity for killings too. In fact, he personally hacked off heads, unlike his predecessor who hired executioners.

1. Peter the Great had an affinity for science. So much, that once he demonstrated the positions of vertebrae, windpipe and carotid arteries of her mistress’s body, after hacking her head off himself!

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