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Blog Posted on 04/05/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Fruity Games in your Pockets

For players weaned on the high octane, swift payout video slots; playing the traditional fruit machine slots might seem a bit of a letdown. Don’t be quick to dismiss these rare games. You can get your fill of the same adrenaline rush lining up those pocket fruity symbols on the reels. It’s time for a quick tour of these games to unravel their still growing popularity.

A Quick recap of History of the fruit machines

Usually called as the Pub fruits, since they were more commonly seen in the pubs, these fruit machines were invented in 1895, by the car mechanic Charles Fey. Called as the Liberty Bell, the original mechanical slot machine had Diamonds, Spades, Heart and a cracked Liberty Bell symbol painted on its reels.

It was only later in the year 1907, that a Chicago manufacturer of arcade machines, Herbert Mills, painted the fruit images of lemons, cherries and plums on the machines. Now began the true journey of the Fruit Machines!

In the beginning, the fruit machines didn’t give out money, but included prizes, most commonly chewing gums, cigarettes. This is due to the large number of fruity machines that were found mostly in pubs, small amusement arcades and other high traffic areas.

Pocket Fruity slot games get mobile slots attention

The dawn of electronics and Internet saw the emergence of the mobile version of the simple fruit machine games. Simple gameplay with just 3 reels and a single payline, they are making quite inroads into the mobile slots arena.

One thing which makes the mobile casino players root for these almost disappearing fruit slot machines is the regular but small wins. If HD graphic and animation don’t feature high in your list, then the ordinary, simple and plain look of the pocket fruity mobile slots games will appeal to you. There is the hand drawn quality, pleasant sound and an ambient feel to these slot machines.

The fruit games slots are typically called as the Amusement With Prizes (AWP). Not a big fan of large and single payouts, but wish for the small but steady wins; then the pocket fruity machines games are your best bet. The fact that usually the fruit slots have 3 reel with a single payline, mean there are better chance of landing the winning combination.

Land based Fruit machine games can have their payouts set as low as 75%, while their online counterparts are known to have around 95% or more. A common fact among players of the land based fruity games, are that they are assured of the payouts after the fixed number of spinning cycles. It is pre-determined by the designer of the particular game. In case of the online mobile slots, it is invariably dependent on the random number generator.

Fruit machine games extra features

You can never forget the nudges and holds features that are an integral part of the pocket fruity mobile slot games. Always adding an extra thrill to your game plan, they give you an extra winning edge.

Consider the simple gameplay of the 3 reel with a single payline. The first 2 reels have a lemon lined up. All you need is a 3rd lemon to complete the winning payline. Using the Hold feature, you make the first 2 reels hold, while allowing the 3rd reel to spin for a successful payline.

As a contrast to the hold feature, in the same scenario, you see a lemon symbol just above the current symbol on the 3rd reel. You can nudge this symbol into position to have a winning payline. A rare occurrence indeed, as not many of the pocket fruity mobile slots offer both these features at the same time.

Pushing factor for the pocket fruity mobile games

So what makes the fruit slots games tick? One factor is its popularity among all levels of players across all age groups. The online or the mobile slots pocket fruity theme is a very popular theme because of the simplicity and the higher payouts that available compared to the land based fruit machines. Plus the fact that you play at your convenience, at anytime and from anywhere is what drives it.

The ability to influence the payouts through holds and nudges, is another compelling factor for its growing popularity.

Generally you don’t expect any bonus games when playing the pocket fruity games. But since the mobile version gained prominence, recent games have added them to make the gameplay more interesting. A majority of the software game providers such as Microgaming, Probability, Net Entertainment and many more have their own versions of the online fruit machines. Popular among them are the Super Fruity, Fruit Fiesta, Fruit Case etc.

As the gaming advancements took hold, it was natural for the gameplay to increase to 5 reels with up to 15~20 paylines. (This is quite small compared to the video slots paylines, which can run up to 1024 ways of landing a winning payline).

The pocket fruity games will always have their own fandom, irrespective of the increasingly popularity of the video slots. For the mobile slots player, it is a return to the simpler gameplay of the earlier fruit machines, albeit an online version of it.

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