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Blog Posted on 19/03/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Hike In Funds For Problem Gambling by UK Government

The United Kingdom has been the hub for gamblers for a long time. But very recently, the online gambling industry in the UK has been under a crisis of confidence. Gambling now has become a problem for the players. There are a lot of people who are supporting the problem gambling UK. They have been vocal about their demands at various places. Not only this but there is also some media that has been backing up these people. The protest for problem gambling UK has been going on for a long time.

Problem Gambling in UK

Their demand is to have tougher regulation on the Gambling Laws. The FOBT limit has been cut down from £100 to £2. This shows how serious the government is about the problem gambling UK. There are some more changes that might come in action in some time.

The Steps Taken to Control Problem Gambling UK

The policy was announced to the people by the Chancellor. It was announced that the implementation will take up to a year. Due to this, a cabinet minister resigned. But this extra time will give gambling companies a chance to edit their policies.

The decision that came has put thousands of jobs at stake. Even though it addressed problem gambling a lot of people are at loss. The government has realised how challenging the implementation of this policy can be. Hence, they are taking a different approach now, without changing their hard stand on problem gambling UK.

The government is not putting the entire blame on the gambling operators. It is now spending a significant amount in problem gambling UK services. These services will start in partnership with the NHS and some help from the banking sector.

What Is the Government Doing?

A plan to set up clinics for problem gambling UK has been approved. These clinics will the gamblers who suffer from the addiction of gambling and other such issues. Currently, there is only one such clinic in Fulham, London in the entire UK. The government proposes to start more such facilities.

Looking at the current scenario, most of the gamblers who have developed addictions are been funded by NGOs. These organisations get their funding from the Gambling Industry itself. The gambling industry has worked towards running such programs even in the past. It is a high time that the government steps in and takes some serious measures.

£20.5 billion funding is being given to the NHS and of which £2.3 billion goes into mental health. A part of this funding will now go in the development of facilities for people with gambling problems.

The UK banks will also come into action. Most of them will now be introducing a new system that will let them self-exclude their debit cards. This will lead them to spend less on gambling at the online as well as land-based casinos.

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